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Mata Nui Online Game




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Mata Nui Online Game is a BIONICLE Online game released in January 2001. It was taken down in 2003, but then brought back due to popular demand in 2006. It was then taken down again in 2009.

A sequel, Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle, was released 2003.


The Mata Nui Online game is played like a point-and-click game. The player controls Takua, the Chronicler, throughout the entire 2001 Bionicle storyline. The player collects various items throughout their travels, which can be used to interact with other characters or the environment.


The story opens with Takua on a beach near Ta-Koro on the island of Mata Nui, where he finds Tahu's Toa canister and spots the Toa heading towards the nearby volcano. Following his trail, Takua arrives at the village of Fire, where he meets Turaga Vakama and Jala, Captain of the Ta-Koro guard. Returning to the beach he encounters the Ga-Matoran Maku, who asks him to go to her village and help while she finds Gali to help fight off an attacking Tarakava. Takua succeeds in bringing a sunken hut containing the village's inhabitants back to the surface, and Gali arrives and defeats the beast.

Traveling to Po-Koro, Takua finds the village gripped by a plague which proves to be linked to a new type of ball used in the sport of Koli, the primary recreation in the village. After discovering the source of the infected balls, Takua works with Pohatu to destroy the Nui-Jaga cavern from which they were taken, freeing the village from the evil. Takua then travels to Onu-Koro, where he helps the Onu-Matoran access the lightstones that a lava flow prevented them from reaching and is able to use a gnomon obtained from Ga-Koro to unlock a massive sundial found underground. He then travels to Le-Koro, where he is able to help rescue many of the Le-Matoran and Turaga Matau from the Nui-Rama swarms before witnessing Onua freeing Lewa from the influence of an infected Kanohi Mask.

Takua then journeys to Ko-Koro, where he frees Kopeke from an ice prison and then locates Matoro among the icy drifts, during which he witnesses Kopaka battling a Muaka before communicating with Turaga Nuju. At Nuju's behest and the agreement of the other Turaga, Takua gathers a group of Tohunga from around the island and takes them to the Kini Nui to protect it while the Toa face Makuta below ground. The Chronicler's Company faces the Rahi while the Toa form the Toa Kaita Akamai and Wairuha and defeat the Manas, and Takua's force is then relieved by allies from across the island. He then travels alone into the island's depths to witness the battle between the Toa and Makuta, before witnessing the awakening of the Bohrok and returning to Ta-Koro with Vakama.

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