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Matoran Nui
Matoran Nui
Required sets:

1388 Huki
1389 Onepu
1390 Maku
1391 Jala
1392 Kongu
1393 Matoro

Year introduced:




The Matoran Nui is a BIONICLE combiner model introduced in 2001. It is formed when six Matoran merge together. Jaller, Macku, Onepu, Hewkii, Matoro and Kongu once did this when they were attacked by a Rahi.


Metru Nui

A Matoran Nui was formed on Metru Nui when the Toa Metru were attacked by thorn-flinging Morbuzakh vines while going to the Morbuzakh King Root's lair in the Great Furnace. Seeing them struggle to defend themselves, Tehutti recalled something he saw in the Archives and suggested that the six Matoran (Ahkmou, Nuhrii, Vhisola, Orkahm, Ehrye, and himself) should focus on their unity. The Matoran were engulfed in a glow, which faded to reveal a Matoran Nui. Charging through the barrage of thorns that were impeding the Toa's progress, it smashed the door to the Great Furnace's inner chamber, urging the Toa to go on. Once the Toa escaped the room, the Matoran Nui, exhausted, left the Great Furnace and split into the six Matoran.

Mata Nui

Another Matoran Nui was formed when Jaller, Macku, Hewkii, Kongu, Matoro, and Onepu (see picture) were heading to a disk-throwing championship on Mata Nui. Macku, scouting ahead, spotted a Nui-Jaga wearing an Infected Kanohi. Matoro suggested that they get the Toa, but Jaller dismissed the idea on the pretext that the Toa had the welfare of the whole island to care for. Kongu then proposed an idea: to lure the Rahi into a trap. It worked, but the Nui-Jaga began to break free. The Matoran then focused their energies, becoming the Matoran Nui. It hurled the Nui-Jaga a great distance away. After that, the Matoran Nui separated once more into six Matoran, and the Matoran congratulated one another on their unity.

Abilities and Traits

Matoran Nui have great strength and speed, slightly greater than that of a Toa. Possessing incredible strength, a Matoran Nui is able to smash reinforced metal, sustain heavy assault, or pick up heavy objects, and throw them a long distance.

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