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"Don't question Sir Fangar Mottrot. Why cant you be more like your brother Mungus?"
―Maula to Mottrot
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Maula is the a Legends of Chima minifigure that was released in 2014. She is the queen of the Mammoth Tribe and Mungus and Mottrot's mother.

LEGO.com Description

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Maula is a force of nature, like a hurricane or a blizzard. You always know when she’s around, because she is either yelling at her two sons or smothering them with affection. She is loud, loving, extremely strict, and can be cruel both to her children and her enemies. You never see Maula on her own, she always has one or both of her boys with her. She is extremely protective of Mottrot and Mungus and will react with frightening speed if either one of them is hurt.


  • Her name is play on the word maul.
  • She looks more like an elephant than a mammoth, unlike her sons, Mottrot and Mungus.
    • However, mammoths are extinct species of elephants, so it's not much of a difference.
  • She made Laval a deal to admit defeat in return for saving her son Mungus from a block of ice. She later broke that deal under Fangar's orders.
  • She has a country voice.
  • Despite leading a tribe, she has very little authority in the ice tribes unlike Sir Fangar and Vardy, only having control of her sons.
  • In the show she's known to always complain to her son, Mottrot.
  • She has rings on her tusks in the TV series but are absent on her physical minifig.
  • She is the second ruler of a tribe to be female the first being Spinlyn. Crunket does not count due to her being married to Crominus and not the sole ruler of the Crocodile Tribe.



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