Class 4 article

Maverick is a team in Drome Racers. In the story, they are sometimes viewed as a joke since they aren't as tough as their name sounds.They are also a team in Drome Racers (Video Game) but their car is most of the time the easiest to beat. description

Lead Driver: Ransak

Chief Mechanic: Trunt

Cars: Jungle Monster; Slammer Raptor

The Maverick team thinks there is only one thing more important than winning - and that's looking good while you win. Their racing uniforms are colourful, and their cars feature extra fins, baffles, flared hubs, and all manner of extraneous parts. These don't help them go any faster, but they certainly make Maverick cars stand out!

Team Members

Ransak (Driver): He looks like a "gentleman" from an old vid or a history disk... but don't let that fool you, Racer. Ransak is as ruthless a driver as ever laid rubber on the road of the Drome. He will nod politely as he passes you by... apologize graciously as he cuts you off... and ask you to please, please pardon his dust.

Trunt (Mechanic): Do not call Trunt a mechanic... not if you want help or a polite answer from him. He is an "automotive artist," able to do with a wrench and a screwdriver what others do with paint brushes and computer graphics programs - at least, to hear him tell it.

Gullwing (Designer): Gullwing's approach to car design is a little strange. First, he imagines what he would like the car to look like; much, much later he worries about whether the car will actually work. Fortunately, he's a whiz at building cars as well, and can usually bring his ideas to high-speed life.