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Max,[1] also known as Fearless McCoy,[2] is an Extreme Team minifigure introduced in 1998.


Max has a black torso, gloves, and legs; bright yellow hip; and dark green arms and headwear, which is either a Mini U.S. Cap or a Mini Crash Helmet. His Mini Crash Helmet is usually printed with a red and yellow flame pattern and comes with a black Mini Visor 2, although it is sometimes left without printing. He also sometimes wears a bright yellow Life Jacket. In 1295, his visor is transparent blue and his pants are dark green. His torso is printed with yellow jacket lines and a small Extreme Team logo on the front, and a large Extreme Team logo on the back. He has a smiling face with large blue sunglasses.

When depicted as a human in Time Cruisers, Max has blond hair and smaller sunglasses.


Max is the coach of the Extreme Team. He shows off the wind-powered Wind Runners and races across the beach dunes.[1] He rides a dinghy over river rapids in radical fashion, but must be careful not to trigger an avalanche.[3] When climbing Mt. McKinley, Max and Alexis climb the southern face. They are offered assistance by Res-Q as the glacier melts, but Max declines and says they will raft across instead, causing an avalanche in the process. Upon reaching the summit, they are caught in a blizzard and need to be rescued by the LEGO Maniac, who transports them in the Aerial Recovery's net.[4]

In Time Cruisers, the Extreme Team vehicles were modified by Dr. Cyber, who sent them to find Tim Timebuster in the Wild West. When Maddox crashes his helicopter into a mountain, Max insists upon calling Res-Q.

In Tough Test!, Fearless McCoy assists Daredevil Tom in the getaway after stealing a gold bar from LEGO City's gold reserve. They are pulled over by Highway Patrolman Bill, who reveals that it was merely a test for the gold reserve's security system. In Race in the Sky, McCoy is climbing a skyscraper when he spots the Brickster robbing a safe. Although McCoy tries to stop him, he gets dazed upon entering through the window, allowing the Brickster to steal his Hang Glider.


  • Along with other members of Extreme Team, Max seems to be the namesake of a World Racers X-Treme Daredevils character, MAX-treme.


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Jimmy Brave and Fearless McCoy
Tom's loyal team-mates are spectacular stuntmen!



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