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Max Solarflare is a Galaxy Squad minifigure released in 2013. He is the second human member of Galaxy Squad's Blue Squad and has appeared in one set to date- the Galactic Titan.


A view of Max's face and side

Max Solarflare is nearly identical to his superior officer, Solomon Blaze. He wears a dark azur helmet with a transparent visor over a gruff face. Like Solomon, he has a silver device with an orange and red electronic scope over one eye. However, unlike Blaze, Max sports his over his left eye instead of the right; a silver rectangular device is located next to it. Max has a brown beard and mustache and an eyebrow colour to match.

Solarflare's torso is light grey with printing of futuristic plate armour and a vertical white stripe in the centre. His left chest plate bears the Galaxy Squad insignia -- a triangular rocket with spread wings on either side -- and his right displays a second logo, one worn only by the human members of Galaxy Squad. This logo is circular with four short lines protruding diagonally from the left side. The stomach armour consists of three horizontal, curved, and overlapping quadrilaterals leading down to a black utility belt with three vertical stripes on each side and a buckle in the centre, all medium grey. Max's arms are dark azur, the same as his helmet, and his hands are black.

Full body

The minifigure's legs and hips are almost entirely dark azur; the hips have printing that continue the stomach plates of the torso and as such are light grey and rectangular with a white section in the middle. The inside of the thighs have a curved black line printed on and the legs have light grey kneepads with rivets on the sides and thin vertical white stripes in the centre. Three short black lines are located above the kneepads and one below.


Max Solarflare was a member of Galaxy Squad's Blue Squadron. He has piloted both the tank and flying sections of the Galactic Titan and was known to fight the Alien Mosquitoids and Mantizoids.


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