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Maya is Kai and Nya's mother, the wife of Ray, and the previous Elemental Master of Water. She was seen in a flashback in "Spellbound" [1]. It was confirmed at the 2015 Comic Con that she was indeed Kai and Nya's mother. [2]


The Tournament of Elements

Maya appeared in flashbacks during this season, fighting alongside the other Elemental Masters against the Serpentine.


In this season it was revealed that Maya was Nya's mother, thus making Nya the heir to her powers with the potential to become the Ninja of Water.

The Dark Island Trilogy

At the conclusion of this graphic novel, Sensei Wu has a vision of Maya and her husband.

Day of the Departed

In this special Kai and Nya celebrate the memory of their parents at their shop.

Hands of Time

In this season Maya's history is fully explored, and it is learned that she took part in not only the Serpentine Wars but in the battles against the traitorous Elemental Masters Acronix and Krux, the Hands of Time. Maya and her husband, both skilled blacksmiths, forged blades out of Chronosteel to drain the powers of Acronix and Krux; the process left them both exhausted and unable to take part in the final battle. Afterwards, the pair were entrusted with the first of the four Time Blades to return to Ninjago, and hid it in the Boiling Sea in the sunken library of Hono Mizu. They would then have Kai and Nya and be befriended by the kindly Dr. Saunders, only for him to reveal himself as Krux and demand that they work for him in exchange for his promise not to harm their children.


In "A Big Splash", Wu suggests reaching out to Maya after Nya's powers malfunction; Kai is reluctant to pursue this course due to Nya and their parents not being particularly close after years of separation. He reluctantly makes the suggestion to Nya, but she refuses as expected. Maya and Ray then arrive at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, having been invited by Kai in spite of Nya's objections. After Maya cheerfully expresses her intent to help her daughter, Nya angrily confronts her brother.

In "The Call of the Deep", Maya soon wears out her welcome by bossing her daughter around and subjecting her to to unpleasant food and demeaning criticism, all delivered with Maya's typical cheerfulness. Nya soon appeals to Wu to get rid of her, but he and Misako both encourage Nya to give her mother time. Kai, meanwhile, is being happily pampered by Maya and enjoying time with their father.

In "Unsinkable", Maya expresses concern upon learning that Nya is intending to voyage into the Tartarus Trench in search of a mysterious energy signal that is believed to be affecting her powers. Nya remains determined to go, particularly to get away from her mother. However, Maya stows away aboard the Hydro Bounty, secretly doing various chores for the crew until she's eventually discovered. Despite Nya's protests, Maya is determined to remain on board, and with the Hydro Bounty already far out at see turning back isn't an option. The ship is then attacked by a manta ray equipped with torpedoes and left stranded atop an undersea rock spire.

In "Five Thousand Fathoms Down", Maya attempts to help repair the Hydro Bounty, but succeeds only in irritating her daughter. She later insists on joining Nya in one of the APS suits as they travel in search of the mysterious power source. During the trip, they discuss Maya's absence from her daughter's life and the subsequent distance in their relationship. Maya expresses her acceptance of the situation with "that's how the cookie crumbles", an analogy Nya takes issue with. The pair then discover an undersea temple that proves to be home to the sleeping Wojira, before being attacked and captured by Kalmaar and his Maaray Guards.

In "The Wrath of Kalmaar", Maya and Nya regain consciousness chained together on either side of a pillar in the temple, and are briefly interrogated by Kalmaar. After he leaves, Maya notices that the pillar is broken, and the two work together to scale it and slip their chains over the top. Stealing a trident from one of the guards, they succeed in blasting their bonds off and then use the APS suits to flee into the sea. Unbeknownst to them, Kalmaar's lieutenant Gripe has sent Ripper Sharks to pursue them.

In "Long Live the King" the Ripper Sharks catch up to Maya and Nya, forcing them to try and fight off the aggressive predators. Luckily, the repaired Hydro Bounty appears to help them, but they are then intercepted by forces from Merlopia. Brought before King Trimaar, the surface dwellers reveal that Kalmaar was responsible for crippling their vessel. The king calls his son before him to answer these accusations, only for Kalmaar to fatally injure his father and then blame it on the Hydro Bounty crew. Forced to flee, Maya and the others become trapped in a corridor with a locked door as the Merlopians flood the city and unleash Ripper Sharks.

In "Escape from Merlopia", Trimaar's adopted son Benthomaar rescues Maya and the others, having learned the truth about Kalmaar from Trimaar in the moments before their father's death. With his help, Maya and the others manage to sneak through the city to the Hydro Bounty, where they are forced to fight their way to safety. After an intense undersea chase, they escape Kalmaar's forces and set course for the Island of the Keepers, hoping to recover the Storm Amulet hidden there and prevent Kalmaar from using it to awaken Wojira. In "The Tale of Benthomaar", Maya listens with the rest of the crew as Bentho shares the story of his live in Merlopia.

In "The Storm Amulet".

In "Master of the Sea", Bentho shares the tale of Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water who merged with the sea in order to defeat Wojira ages ago. Nya, whom Maya named after their long ago predecessor, is able to call upon whales to draw the crippled Hydro Bounty back to Ninjago City. The crew arrives just in time to join their comrades in attempting to stop Kalmaar from escaping with the Storm Amulet. Following their apparent success, Ray and Maya prepare to head home, and Maya tells Nya how proud she is of her.

In "The Turn of the Tide", after making the same sacrifice as Nyad by becoming one with the sea, Nya asks Jay to pass along a message to her mother, which he does when Maya returns to the monastery for Nya's memorial ceremony. The message is a repetition of Maya's own words about "the way the cookie crumbles", something that deeply affects Maya. She and Ray then join the massive crowd of guests as Wu, the remaining Ninja, and P.I.X.A.L. perform a ceremony honoring Nya.


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  • Maya is voiced by Jillian Michaels, who also voiced Lloyd prior to season eight.