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== Videos ==
== Videos ==
[[File:McDonalds Lego Grampa 1986|thumb|300px|left|Commercial for Mcdonald's LEGO]]
[[File:McDonalds Lego Grampa 1986|thumb|300px|left|Commercial for McDonald's LEGO Happy Meal Toys]]
[[Category:Promotional themes]]
[[Category:Promotional themes]]

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McDonald's is a fast-food restaurant chain with stores around the world. Sometimes in Happy Meal (McDonald's Kid's Meals) promotions, LEGO products are released as collectable toys. They haven't released any actual sets since 2001 with six BIONICLE Matoran figures. Since then, McDonald's sets have only included few or no LEGO compatible bricks.

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McDonalds Lego Grampa 1986

McDonalds Lego Grampa 1986

Commercial for McDonald's LEGO Happy Meal Toys

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