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Medusa is a 71001 Minifigures Series 10 minifigure to be released in May 2013.[1]


Medusa has a dark green snake tail, a sand-green torso, sand-green arms, and sand-green hands. She has printing on her torso depicting feminine curves, a belly button, and brown armour. The top of the armour is decorated intricately with two snakes heads' meeting as each one arcs its back. She has a sand-green head with gold, pupil-less eyes with, dark-green lips, and fangs. She wears an angry or hissing expression. Dark-green shading surrounds her eyes. She has a unique light-green hairpiece made to appear as if her hair consists of snakes.

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“Look thisssss way, my dear.”

As a mythical Gorgon, Medusa has the power to instantly turn any creature that looks directly at her to solid stone. Some people might think of this as a curse, but she loves it, even if the effect does only last a few hours.

Unfortunately for her mischievous hobby, her legend has become so well-known that almost nobody falls into Medusa’s trap these days. She’s tried all kinds of tricks, like hiding behind bushes and suddenly jumping out, pretending to be inside a TV set, and going undercover in the reptile house at the zoo…but the hissing of her hair always gives her away!



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  • She will be the third monster from Greek mythology in the Minifigures theme, the others being the Minotaur and the Cyclops.
  • She will have the same snake tail from Ninjago, except in dark green with scaly printing.
  • She has double-sided face printing, depicting calm and angry expressions. The "calm" face has been seen in preliminary images and was confirmed on the leaflet in each Minifigure bag for Series 10.





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