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The LEGO Message Boards were an official forum on, in which fans could discuss LEGO-related topics online. Since the forum is intended to be safe for children, all posts were reviewed by moderators before becoming public. Users had to have a LEGO ID to be able to post. On November 2, 2012, the Message Boards were updated with new features such as new ranks, badges, and users' separate and individual profiles. On March 30, 2017, the boards were shut down.

Pre-Update Ranks

Higher ranks could be achieved by posting more. Starting at one post needed, the numbers would approximately double every rank you go up. The following is a list of the old ranks:

Name Requirements Image Notes
Apprentice 0 posts Apprentice.gif Automatically earned once one joined, but users were not visible to others until they had one post.
Journeyman 48 posts Journeyman.gif
Initiate 95 posts Initiate.gif
JuniorBuilder 192 posts JuniorBuilder.gif
MasterBuilder 384 posts MasterBuilder.gif
Craftsman 754 posts Craftsman.gif
Artisan 1,505 posts Artisan.gif
Inventor 3,009 posts Inventor.gif
Old Timer 6,017 posts Old Timer.gif
Maniac 12,032 posts Maniac.gif
Legend 24,064 posts Legend.gif Only 12 users made it to the Legend rank.

New Ranks

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After the 2012 update, the old ranks were replaced by new ranks. They are claimed to be achieved by quality, not quantity.

Rank Name Image
1 Caveman Caveman LMB.png
2 Pharaoh Pharaoh LMB.png
3 Spartan Warrior SpartanWarrior.png
4 Gladiator Gladiator.png
5 Roman Soldier RomanSoldier.png
6 Minotaur Minotaur LMB.png
7 Viking Viking.png
8 Samurai Warrior SamuraiWarrior.png
9 Knight Knight LMB.png
10 Highland Battler HighlandBattler.png
11 Forestman Forestman.png
12 Ninja Ninja LMB.png
13 Aztec Warrior AztecWarrior.png
14 Conquistador Conquistador.png
15 Jester JesterRank.png
16 Royal Guard RoyalGuard.png
17 Musketeer Musketeer-rank.png
18 Pirate Pirate-rank.png
19 Revolutionary Soldier Revolutionary-soldier-rank.png
20 Cowboy Cowboy-rank.png
21 Detective LMB Rank Detective.png
22 Bandit LMB Rank Bandit.png
23 Pilot LMB Rank Pilot.png
24 Hippie LMB Rank Hippie.png
25 Disco Dude LMB Rank Disco Dude.png
26 Rapper LMB Rank Rapper.png
27 Spaceman LMB Rank Spaceman.png
28 Galaxy Ptrol LMB Rank Galaxy Patrol.png
29 Alien LMB Rank Alien.png

Stud Ranking

On the old LEGO Message Boards, there were eight studs above the person’s avatar’s head. Some were yellow, and some were white. The yellow ones were the ones that the poster had obtained, and the white ones were the ones they didn't have. Users gained one of these for having so many posts. What made these different from the ranks is that the amount of posts users needed went up as more people gain more posts. (For example, the first person ever to post would be one of the top 10, and therefore have eight studs) Therefore, you got a stud for being in the top so many posters.

Image Studs Ranking
Rank0.gif 0 studs
Rank1.gif 1 stud Top 500
Top 200 Posts.gif 2 studs Top 200
RankTop150.gif 3 studs Top 150
RankTop100.gif 4 studs Top 100
Top100.png 5 studs Top 75
6studs.gif 6 studs Top 50
7studs.gif 7 studs Top 25
8studs.gif 8 studs Top 10



  • The Message Boards were updated in 2005 and were supposed to be updated again in 2011 along with the rest of the website, however, they were not updated until November 2, 2012.
  • Before 2001, Moderators were trained to view the messages submitted to the Message Boards. In 2011, they trained a new group of moderators and since then, moderation has been much faster.
  • Charge was seen on the front page in his Deep Freeze outfit. Today, there is no "greeting page" and the only minifigures seen are generic ones.
  • All the ranks that currently exist are based on a minifigure from Minifigures (theme).

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