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Middle Zealand In LEGO Dimensions

Middle Zealand is a location in The LEGO Movie. It is based heavily on medieval themes.


Middle Zealand is a medieval world in the LEGO universe. It contains knights, castles, leeches, torture weapons, poverty, literature, mutton, and especially Dragons. A secret rainbow takes players to the hidden realm of Cloud Cuckoo Land.

The LEGO Movie

After escaping from Bad Cop in The Old West, Batman in his Batwing took Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Vitruvius to Middle Zealand where they nearly collide with an airborn dragon. As Batman converts the Batwing to the Batmobile, he plays his special song for Wyldstyle while making their way to the rainbow that will take them to Cloud Cuckoo Land. As they are driving, they pass another dragon helping some knights cook their food.

At the time when Wyldstyle was giving an inspirational speech for everyone to stand up to Lord Business' forces, a messenger was dictating this to some knights and a dragon. This gives them the inspiration to combine things to form devices to fight the Micro Managers.

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