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Mike Psiaki (born September 11, 1986) is a Creator set designer for The LEGO Group.


Mike Psiaki was born in the United States and graduated from Cornell University.

Sets designed

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
30187-1.jpg30187Fast Car56N/A$3.29February 2014
30188-1.jpg30188Cute Kitten54N/A 2014
30189-1.jpg30189Transport Plane49 2014
30197-1.jpg30197Snowman  2014
31013-box.jpg31013Red Thunder66$4.992014
10820926076 4f64619bd6 o.jpg31014Power Digger64$4.992014
10820918465 89554b8e91 o.jpg31015Emerald Express56$4.992014
10821267073 607515f0e8 o.jpg31022Turbo Quad186$24.992014
71sMYLVmABL. SL1125 .jpg31023Yellow Racers328$29.992014

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