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Milton Dyer is a video game designer and the creator of Prime Empire.


After creating several successful video games, Dyer embarked on his most ambitious work yet: Untitled Adventure Game 1, otherwise known as Prime Empire. The project was incredibly advanced and looked to be the most ground-breaking game ever made. However, Dyer made a number of changes to the game without informing his investors, which resulted in the disappearance of a game tester named Scott. This led to the investors pulling funding on the project, and Dyer was, for a time, left bitter and resentful; however, he also felt that he was to blame for what had occurred.. He thus withdrew from public life, taking up residence in an old video arcade and thinking Prime Empire dead and gone.

Dyer underestimated the complexity of what he had created, however, and the game programming completes itself, becoming master of Prime Empire under Dyer's petname for the project: Unagami. After Prime Empire took over numerous game cabinets throughout Ninjago City in "Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?", the Ninja set out to find Dyer. In "Dyer Island", the Ninja visit Dyer's private island, only to find that he isn't there. After learning of his bitterness over the cancellation of the game, the Ninja come to believe that Dyer himself is Unagami.



  • Milton Dyer's surname and youthful appearance appear to be based on real-life game designer Rick Dyer.
  • His name is first mentioned in Once and for All, in which he is credited as creator of the game Lava Zombies.