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Mind Control Orbs, also known as Evil Orbs and Thought-Control Orbs (in 2001 UK catalogs)[1], were objects used by Ogel in Alpha Team theme.


Evil Orbs are used to turn regular townspeople into Skeleton Drones, mindless zombies that serve Ogel.

In the original video game LEGO Alpha Team, released in 2000, Ogel's plan is to launch a rocket containing Evil Orbs to spread them around the world. The first three bases in the game have to do with Evil Orb production: Plants from Ogel Island's greenhouses are shipped to the Goo Caverns, then goo from the Goo Caverns and the plants are turned into Evil Orbs in the Deep Sea Orb Factory by the D.O.O.M. Machine (which stands for Device for Ominous Orb Manufacture). They are then taken to Ogel's secret Arctic Command Base and loaded into the Boggle Rocket. The Alpha Team members are equipped with special belts that make them immune to the Evil Orbs and allow them to deactivate them by running through them, and are eventually successful in stopping the Boggle Rocket from launching.


When LEGO released sets based on the video game in 2001,[2] Evil Orbs were redesigned to use existing piece shapes, but their functionality was the same. One version of the set comic for 6776 Ogel Control Center shows their bases breaking off and releasing a green gas when dropped from the rocket in the set.

In a LEGO Adventures! Magazine comic, a different version of Evil Orbs are shown, primarily red in color, and are shown to emit a green goo. The affected minifigures in this comic also did not become Skeleton Drones, but their eyes changed to a white color. These orbs lost their effect when Ogel's base was destroyed by the Alpha Team.[3]

In Alpha Team's 2002 "Mission Deep Sea" line, Evil Orbs were given a new angrier looking head also given to the Skeleton Drones that year, and the 1x1 round transparent plate on top was omitted. These orbs have the ability to also affect and mutate sea creatures (which according to a few online games released that year, involved using a mineral called Ethanium).

In the 2002 Comic Adventure "Into The Deep", Cam and Radia discover one of these new orbs and deactivate it with a handheld device. Back at base, they note it's different from the orbs they've deactivated before.

When Alpha Team was relaunched in 2004, Ice Orbs took the place of Evil Orbs, which Ogel used to freeze the world.

In the 2020 direct to consumer Creator Fairground Haunted House, an Evil Orb resembling the initial design from 2001 is included inside the Manor von Barron. The LEGO shop website refers to it as "The Orb of OGEL", and describes it as "a prototype for a stolen mind-control superweapon".