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This article is about the LEGO City minifigure. For the Mars Mission minifigure, see Miner (Mars Mission).

Miner is a minifigure from the 2012 City Mining theme. He appears in one set, the 4203 Excavator Transport.


The Miner has sand blue legs, a dark blue torso with new printings and a red baseball hat. His torso is dark blue and has new printings depicting a shirt with a breast pocket with a pen, green suspenders and a brown tool belt with a buckle, metal loop and a wrench. His head is the same as Josh Thunder's. His legs are unprinted.


  • He has the same torso as the Truck Driver.
  • He is the only mining minifigure that doesn't have one of the new helmets.
  • His face is the same as Josh Thunder's.


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