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The Miner is a Mars Mission minifigure.


The Miner wears the standard Mars Mission astronaut white and orange spacesuit, with a white helmet and gold visor. He reuses the face of Dracus from Knights' Kingdom II.


The Miner operates the Astros' mining equipment and vehicles, such as the defense station's drill and the mining robot. He is a hard worker and holds a grudge against the Aliens for stealing the crystals that he has excavated, leading him to engage in fights and often get in trouble.


  • In Crystalien Conflict, the Miner's design is used by various Astro during the game's animated cutscenes, particularly whenever an Astro is in anguish or fear.


LEGO.com Description

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Rough, tough and always ready for a fight, the hard-working Miner has got a chip on his shoulder towards anyone or anything that tries to steal his crystals, which has landed him in trouble more than once.

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