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The Mini-doll figure is a variant of the minifigure introduced in 2012 for the Friends theme. It is also used in Disney Princess theme and Fusion theme since 2014 as well as in Elves theme in 2015. Mini-dolls are intended to be more realistic and stylish than the standard minifigure, to appeal more to the female market.


Mini-dolls are around 5 millimetres taller than a standard minifigure, and are less blocky and more stylized. They share a similar construction with the minifigure, having four parts: the legs (which cannot move separately), the torso, the head, and the hair or headpiece. The arms can be moved up and down, but unlike the minifigures, the hands can't be turned around. Mini-dolls are also designed to be "compatible" with regular minifigures, so they have the same style of U-shaped hand, and regular studs on their heads. This means they can hold any accessory, and wear any hair or hat element. Likewise, the unique hair elements used on Mini-dolls are compatible with minifigures.

The parts of a mini-doll are specifically designed to be shapely and stylish, to comply with girls’ requests for a more realistic, relatable and stylized figure", according to the LEGO Group.

In 2012, a total of 29 mini-dolls were released. In 2013, 23 more have been released, and in 2014, at least 24 will be released, leading to a total of 74 so far.


Construction of Olivia

Construction of the Olivia Minidoll

Mini-dolls’ parts come in different variants according to character’s age, gender and current activity and can be recombined to suit any occasion or weather conditions.


Olivia's hair

Olivia's Hair

Each of the five leading heroines (Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie) is given a new hair piece, made of soft rubber instead of standard minifigures’ plastic ones. There are holes on the top and/or on the right side of the mould, where accessories like crowns or bows can be put. Except Joanna's braid (later used for Emily), other minor teenage girls included in each set reuse the heroines' hairpieces but in different colours. Adult women such as Anna and Ms. Stevens have short hair style – a smooth bob with a side partition. There is also a special hairpiece for horse riders – a black riding cap combined with a ponytail in different hair colours.

Disney Princess introduce several kinds of original hairpieces for the heroines, some of which are later reintroduced in other themes. Elves, the second original mini-doll theme, introduces a group of original hairpieces attached elf ears.

Most ordinary male mini-dolls reuse old hairpieces from minifigures. Farran from Elves is the very first male mini-doll to have own orginial hairpiece.



Olivia and Marie's head element

All the mini-dolls’ heads use the same mould, with more shaped facial features than a minifigure head, including nose and cheekbones. They come in two different colours – light nougat and light brown – and have several printing variants. The eye colour is dark green, light brown, dark brown or light blue. Lips can be shown as a simple black-contoured smiley curve on boys’ faces or elaborately lipsticked one (in red or pink) on feminine mini-dolls. Sometimes there is an additional printing of specific character’s features such as Mia’s freckles, Ms. Stevens’ spectacles or Peter’s beard.


Olivia's Torso

Olivia's torso element

There are four different torso moulds: one shaped to represent a teenage girl, one for adult women with more pronounced curves, and one used for boys and bigger torsos for the men The arms rotate through a full turn, although many of the hair pieces block much of the arm's rotation.The skin colour is light nougat or light brown, to match the mini-doll's head. The torso printing variants indicate various clothes designs – from bikini tops up to winter jackets with scarfs. There are various sleeveless tops, polo T-shirts, long-sleeved blouses, jackets, a Christmas jumper and a shirt with a tie. Some torsos are combined with certain leg pieces to create special outfits such as a riding suit, a karate uniform, a waitress uniform or a woman’s tail-coat. The torsos usually come with small printed decorations and details, with a bit of skin showing at the top, although some, such as Katharina, have no visible skin or printed detail.



Olivia and Emma's leg element

There are several differently moulded leg pieces for mini-dolls. Unlike those of minifigures, the leg pieces cannot move separately and bend backwards at all, but like minifigures they bend forwards a quarter of a turn so a mini-doll can sit down. Adult women wear long skirts, girls can choose from two types of short skirts – plain and double frilled (layered). There are also three types of trousers – full-length, bermuda pants and shorts (swimming trunks). At the swimming pool or at the sea side they wear either shorts or a leg piece resembling a towel wrapped around figure’s waist. Masculine minifigures use the same trousers’ pieces as feminine ones.

All of the leg pieces except full-lenght trousers pieces have a part of the mould which is often printed in skin colour, although in some cases it is printed to represent leggings and boots instead. The shoe prints come in several variants resembling elegant shoes, trainers, winter boots, riding boots and flip-flops.

Ariel dress-doll

Ariel as a human


Ariel as a mermaid

The wave of 2014 Disney Princess sets introduced two new types of mini-dolls' leg pieces. The first is a full-length skirt used as the lower part of dressing gowns worn by all princesses. The A-shaped skirt reaches to the ground covering figure's legs and shoes completely. The second piece, designed specially for Ariel, is a mermaid's fish tail, allowing the character to be attached to the studs in standing position. The construction of this part is similar to the tail used by mermaiden minifigures, but the mini-doll version can also bend into sitting position.

In 2015 a new type of leg piece will be introduced in Elves theme - a short asymmetrical skirt.


According to LEGO's research, female children tend to project themselves on to the figures they play with, while males will play in the third person. [1] This figure introduced new fans of Lego just by the look.


The Mini-doll figures, like the rest of Friends line, were received with hostility by some upon the theme's launch, being panned as "gender stereotyped". There are also complaints on how these minifigures "for girls" are less compatible with minifigures from other themes. Bailey Shoemaker Richards and Stephanie Cole from SPARK stated "After 4 years of marketing research, LEGO has come to the conclusion that girls want LadyFigs, a pink Barbielicious product line for girls", in a petition on [2]


  • Andrea is one of the five main friends, she is the music lover of the group.
  • Andrew likes exploring the seas.
  • Anna is Olivia's mom and Peter's wife and likes cooking and mowing the lawn.
  • Chloe loves telling stories and going on adventures with Mia.
  • Christina is big into Christmas.
  • Ella likes horse riding.
  • Emma is one of the five main friends, she is the beautition of the group.
  • Isabella is big into swimming and going to the pool.
  • Joanna works at the pet salon.
  • Kate loves the ocean and exploring it.
  • Katharina (called Lacy in the T.V. show) is a expert horse rider and Mia's arch rival.
  • Matthew likes painting pictures.
  • Mia is one of the five main friends, she is the animal lover of the group.
  • Ms. Stevens is a teacher at Heartlake High.
  • Nicole likes camping and cooking.
  • Olivia is one of the five main friends, she is the smart one of the group.
  • Peter is Olivia's dad and Anna's husband and he likes cooking and watching t.v.
  • Sarah works at the beauty shop and loves style.
  • Sophie is Olivia's aunt and Peter's sister. She's also the vet.
  • Stephanie is one of the five main friends, she is the soical girl of the group.
  • Theresa is the horse riding instructor.

Minifigure Gallery[]

Friends and Fusion[]

Disney Princess[]

Sets featuring Mini-dolls[]


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
30613061City Park Café222Andrea, Marie$34.99 / €29.992012
30633063Heartlake Flying Club195Stephanie$19.99 / €19.992012
30653065Olivia's Treehouse191Olivia$19.99 / €19.992012
31833183Stephanie's Cool Convertible130Stephanie$14.99 / €14.992012
3184-23184Adventure Camper309Olivia, Nicole$29.99 / €29.992012
31853185Summer Riding Camp1112Stephanie, Emma, Ella, Theresa€99.992012
31863186Emma's Horse Trailer218Emma$19.99 / €24.992012
31873187Butterfly Beauty Shop221Emma, Sarah$24.99 / €24.99January 2012
31883188Heartlake Vet343Mia, Sophie€39.992012
31893189Heartlake Stables401Mia, Katharina€54.992012
33153315Olivia's House695Anna, Olivia, Peter$74.99 / €69.992012
3316 box3316Friends Advent Calendar193Olivia, Christina$34.99 / €19.992012
39303930Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery45Stephanie$5.99 / €5.992012
39313931Emma's Splash Pool43Emma$5.99 / €5.992012
39323932Andrea's Stage87Andrea$9.99 / €9.992012
39333933Olivia's Invention Workshop81Olivia, Zobo€9.992012
39343934Mia's Puppy House64Mia$9.99 / €9.992012
39353935Stephanie’s Pet Patrol73Stephanie€9.992012
39363936Emma's Fashion Design Studio79Emma$9.992012
3937 alt13937Olivia's Speedboat65Olivia$9.99 / €9.99August 2012
39383938Andrea's Bunny House62Andrea€9.992012
39393939Mia's Bedroom85Mia€9.992012
39423942Heartlake Dog Show183Mia$19.99 / €19.992012
30100-130100Andrea at the Beach23Andrea October 13, 2012
30101 Skateboarder Mia Bag30101Mia's Skateboard28Mia$Free2012
30102-130102Olivia's Desk26Olivia$3.99 / €3.202012
30103-130103Emma's Car32Emma$3.992012
30105-130105Stephanie and Mailbox41Stephanie$4.992012
30106 alt130106Ice Cream Stand34Emma$4.992013
30107-130107Birthday Party39Andrea 2013
30108-130108Summer Picnic33Mia 2013
36336769z41000Water Scooter Fun28Kate$6.99 / €5.992013
36335511z41001Mia's Magic Show90Mia$9.99 / €9.992013
36334880z41002Emma's Karate Class93Emma$9.99 / €9.992013
36337431z41003Olivia's Newborn Foal70Olivia$9.99 / €9.992013
41004 alt141004Rehearsal Stage198Stephanie$19.99 / €19.992013
B 41005 box side41005Heartlake High487Stephanie, Matthew, Ms. Stevens$49.99 / €49.992013
Downtown bakery box41006Downtown Bakery253Danielle , Mia$29.99 / €24.992013
36338591z41007Heartlake Pet Salon242Emma, Joanna$29.99 / €29.992013
Heartlake City Pool41008Heartlake City Pool423Andrea, Isabella$39.99 / €39.992013
Andrea's bedroom box 141009Andrea's Bedroom75Andrea$9.99 / €9.992013
Olivia's Beach Buggy Box41010Olivia's Beach Buggy94Olivia$9.99 / €9.992013
Lego41011a41011Stephanie's Soccer Practice80Stephanie$9.99 / €9.992013
41013-141013Emma's Sports Car159Emma$14.99 / €14.992013
Friend641015Dolphin Cruiser612Mia, Andrew, Maya$69.99 / €69.99November, 2013
Friend141016Friends 2013 Advent Calendar213Stephanie, Lilly$29.99 / €19.992013
41026-141026Sunshine Harvest233Olivia$19.99 / €19.992014
41027 alt141027Mia's Lemonade Stand112Mia$9.99 / €9.992014
41028 alt141028Emma's Lifeguard Post78Emma$9.99 / €9.992014
41029 alt141029Stephanie's Newborn Lamb78Stephanie$9.99 / €9.992014
Enlarged j1341035Heartlake Juice Bar277Andrea, Naya$29.99 / €32.992014
41037-141037Stephanie's Beach House369Stephanie, Kate$39.99 / €39.992014
10821138463 b713da5963 o41039Sunshine Ranch721Mia, Liza$69.99 / €69.992014
10984459376 c8536b2891 o41056Heartlake News Van278Emma, Andrew$24.99 / €24.992014
10984540024 4a8a88f390 o41057Heartlake Horse Show355Stephanie, Robert$39.99 / €39.992014
Stephanieset5000245Stephanie5Stephanie 2012
Friendsbrickmaster-1BrickmasterFriends103Mia, Chloe September 17, 2012

Disney Princess[]

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
30116-130116Rapunzel at the Marketplace37Rapunzel$3.992014
10820980236 31b404f0c7 o41050Ariel's Amazing Treasures77Ariel$12.992014
41051-141051Merida's Highland Games145Merida$19.992014
10821118564 fc31eb3d12 o-241052Ariel's Magical Kiss250Ariel, Prince Eric$29.992014
10820922506 c0364c3808 o41053Cinderella's Dream Carriage274Cinderella$29.992014
10820903026 b3b7eb8545 o41054Rapunzel's Creativity Tower299Rapunzel, Flynn Rider$39.992014
10820963835 36b0c247e2 o41055Cinderella's Romantic Castle646Cinderella, Prince Charming$69.992014


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
21208-121208Resort Designer263Olivia$34.99September 2014

LEGO's description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (see the source of this quote)

Introducing the LEGO mini-doll figure Anchored by the introduction of a new mini-doll figure, LEGO Friends introduces a new LEGO minifigure platform tailored to girls’ requests for a more realistic, relatable and stylized figure.

Designed to the same scale of the classic LEGO minifigure, the mini-doll figure stands roughly 5 millimeters taller than its minifigure sibling, yet features similar constructability, shares the iconic “claw” hand to hold the same accessories, can wear the same hair and headpieces, and is compatible with all LEGO building sets. Unlike regular minifigures, the hands cannot rotate and the torso and legs cannot be separated. A total of 29 different mini-doll figures will be introduced in 2012.

“LEGO Friends is one of the most researched LEGO projects ever and is a culmination of years of anthropological research with girls around the world to understand what they expect from a construction toy,” said Nanna Ulrich Gudum, senior creative director, LEGO Group. “In talking with girls and their moms, we understand that girls really want a LEGO offering that mirrors what the boys experience, but in a way that fulfills their unique desire for remodeling and redesign, combined with realistic themes in community and friendship.”

“Unlike previous LEGO toys for girls, LEGO Friends, at its core, does not apologize for being a construction toy and delivers, for the first time, a building experience in the same scale as our classic offerings,” Nanna Ulrich Gudum continued. “What LEGO Friends does differently is deliver the beauty, details, accessories, real world themes and need for strong interior play that the research revealed would make all the difference for girls ages 5 and up.”



  1. "The key difference between girls and the ladyfig and boys and the minifig was that many more girls projected themselves onto the ladyfig—she became an avatar. Boys tend to play with minifigs in the third person."
  2. ( petition)