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In every LEGO video game after 2005 contains a canister, artifacts, ship in a bottle or something else that you will be able to collect in levels. In most games they are called Minikits, but sometime they are given different names, like being called "Artifacts" in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Some can be gained in Story Mode, while others must be collected in Free Play mode. Most games have 10 canisters in levels, though some have 5 of the respective canister substitute. Once all canister/canister substitutes are collected, a large stud bonus is awarded, and it create a structure for you to view in most LEGO games, however, in LEGO Star Wars 3, the canisters will build you an unlockable character from the original Star Wars trilogy. Every time all minikits are collected in a level you gain a gold brick.

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