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Mining is a subtheme of City introduced in 2012. The theme was later revisited in 2018.


The main colour scheme of the 2012 sets is yellow, with green as a secondary colour for the trucks in 4203 and 4204. The mining helmets are the only all-new piece in this theme, there are several new face and torso printings. All of the sets (except 30151) have dynamite and all (except 30152) have gold. The gold included in the sets is in bars, studs, and large crystals.

For the 2018 sets, the main colour scheme remained yellow, but red was chosen to be the secondary colour.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
30151-130151Mining Dozer32Crane Driver€2.992012
3015230152Mining Quad40Truck Driver$4.99May 2012
42004200Mining 4x4102Driller$11.99 / €9.992012
42014201Loader and Tipper139Truck Driver (Mining), Crane Driver$17.99 / €14.992012
42024202Mining Truck269Truck Driver$39.99 / €19.992012
42034203Excavator Transport305Crew Chief Miner$39.99 / €34.992012
42044204The Mine748Crew Chief, Truck Driver, Crane Driver, Driller$99.99 / €79.992012
5001134-15001134Mining Collection $204.952012
60184 box60184Mining Team82Miner (x4), Spider 1 January 2018
60185 box60185Mining Power Splitter127Miner, Spider 1 January 2018
60186 box60186Mining Heavy Driller294Miner (x2), Geologist, Spider 1 January 2018
60188 box60188Mining Experts Site883Driver (x2), Demolition Expert, Miner, Scientist, Chief, Bear, Spider$99.99 / €89.991 January 2018



  • Most minifigures from the 2012 theme reuse heads from Dino.
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