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Minnie Mouse is a figure from the Mickey Mouse and Disney's Baby Mickey and currently Mickey Mouse & Friends themes. She currently appears in six sets.


Minnie Mouse has three different variations. Two of these variations appeared in 2000 in two different themes, Mickey Mouse and Disney's Baby Mickey. Both variations had their own exclusive moulds. In 2013, she was released in the Mickey Mouse & Friends theme as a printed block.

Mickey Mouse variation

Minnie has her own exclusive mould which is all one piece like regular minifigures. She can move her arms but she couldn't move anything else. Minnie wears a red bow on her head and has mainly a black head, though the head is light nougat at the front. She has rounded ears, her face is light nougat and she is smiling. She has a black nose and eyes with eyelashes.

Baby Mickey variation

Minnie has another exclusive mould. She has a head close to her Micky Mouse variation but larger, like the Mickey Mouse variation she wears a bow, this time in pink. Minnie wears pink footie pyjamas, with a white bib at top with aqua outlineing. Minnie is all one mould curled up together.

Mickey Mouse & Friends variation

Minnie is built out of two duplo bricks in this variation. The bottom brick is pink and it has white spots on it, while the second is a curved black one and it has a printed picture of her face on it.


She enjoys dinners, movies, travelling, walking Pluto (who is her dog in some depictions), and basically spending as much time as possible with her boyfriend, Mickey Mouse. Minnie is sweet, kind and ambitious, and she usually is calm, but she has a small temper and sometimes is a bit bossy. She also gets frustrated with Chip & Dale and their misbehaving. She is a little bit feisty, being able to speak what she feels whenever to whoever. This is how she manages to assist Mickey in saving her. She is known for having a motherly side, as well as often being the voice of reason in her circle of friends (including Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy, herself, Mickey, and Pluto).



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