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"I've got a warm welcome planned!"
―Miss Demeanor, "A Big Splash"

Miss Demeanor is a criminal who appears in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


A bubble-blowing, flamethrower-packing, self-proclaimed "city girl", Miss Demeanor spent a considerable time building up a criminal reputation, hoping to one day become significant enough to tangle with the Ninja. Despite her disdain for the country-rivaled only by her dislike for being mistakenly addressed as "Misses Demeanor"-she led a gang of minions in a vengestone-smuggling operation due to the hefty fee her buyers were willing to pay her. This attempt to conceal their activities from the Ninja ultimately failed, to Miss Demeanor's delight, as she was finally able to engage the heroes as she had long desired. Her convoy of trucks fled the Ninja, and Miss Demeanor managed to knock out Cole's bike.

However, two of the trucks and their cargo were lost in the pursuit, and it was only Nya's water powers malfunctioning that allowed Miss Demeanor and her forces to escape as the Ninja contended with the out of control water.



  • Her name is a play on "misdemeanor".