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Ultra Agents: The Antimatter Missions

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Mission 6: The Search Continues

Ultra Agents: The Antimatter Missions

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Summer 2015


Ultra Agents

Mission 6: The Search Continues is the sixth mission of Ultra Agents: The Antimatter Missions.


Before the Minigame

6 months have passed since Solomon Blaze disappeared into AntiMatter's portal. The Ultra Agents have set up in Dr. Brainstein's old lab to explore for clues to AntiMatter's powers or whereabouts.

Agent Trey Swift and Agent Steve Zeal are experimenting with a portal.

Steve: 80% power and still stable. I can't believe this old prototype is still working after all these years!

Trey: Looking good. Let's go to 100%.

They increase the power.

Steve: A micro-portal is actually forming!

Trey: Amazing! And it's producing a unique energy signature. Maybe unique enough to track!

Agent Max Burns: (on video screen) Only one way to find out!

Back at the Ultra Agents' secret HQ, Bolt and Burns load the portal's energy signature into a custom sensor array and are installing it into the brand new agent plane.

Max: Sensor is in and lock on to the portal's wavelength.

Steve: Micro-portal fired up and at max size with this old equipment. Can you lock in on us?

Curtis: Am I seeing double? Or are there two portals out there!?

Max looks at Curtis' radar.

Max: Two? Get up there and get eyes on that second one!

High above Astor City a new portal starts forming. With every passing second it grows larger and more powerful.

Max: AntiMatter's portal came back!

Agent Caila Phoenix: It's back alright... and with a vengeance! It's already larger and more powerful than the original and it's still growing. In 24 hours the portal will be larger than all of Astor City!

Max: Wait... But why would you need a portal that big?

Caila: You remember how he could transform each citizen into their evil self by forcing them through the portal? Now imagine forcing all of Astor City through at one time!

Meanwhile, Bolt is on the move.

Curtis: Bolt here. Sensor is picking up a faint signal behind this portal. I'll follow it to its source. And hopefully to AntiMatter and Agent Blaze.

After the Minigame

Agent Bolt follows the portal's unique energy signature like a trail of breadcrumbs into the sky and far over the cold ocean. Strange purple lights burn through the clouds at the very end of his search.

Curtis: I'm almost at the end of the signal. There's something weird shimmering in the water below, like some kind of mirage. Whatever it is... it's big!

Computer: Unknown aircraft. Vector 180. 900 knots closure.

A hovercraft appears behind Curtis.

Curtis: What? Where did that bogey come from? He's all over me!

Electrolyzer: Finally! I've been waiting a long time to test out all these toys. Hope it doesn't come as a shock... but this is gonna hurt!

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