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Ultra Agents: The Antimatter Missions
Mission 7: Deep Sea Hideout

Ultra Agents: The Antimatter Missions

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Summer 2015


Ultra Agents

Mission 7: Deep Sea Hideout is the seventh mission of Ultra Agents: The Antimatter Missions.


Before the Minigame

From above Electrolyzer fires his dual electron rods. Bolt is a sitting duck!

Curtis: I'll hot the brakes. He'll fly right by!

Electrolyzer: Oh, come on! I was just getting amped up. Lightning is harder to aim than it looks.

Curtis: Ha! Surprised?

Electrolyzer: Only by how utterly predictable you are. Right into the path of my EMP bomb!

He releases the bomb into Bolt's jet.

Curtis: Oh no! I'm too close. No room to evade!

At such a close distance the electromagnetic blast from the bomb easily penetrated most shielding on the agent plane. With his main control systems dead, Bolt free falls toward the ocean like a rock.

Electrolyzer: That should ground him for good!

Curtis: Mayday! Mayday! Ack, who am I kidding? Even the radio is dead. I should just save my breath.

He crashes into the ocean.

Luckily one system seems better shielded than the others. The agent stealth drone emerges from the wreck of the agent plane...

Stealth Drone: Beep bo beep!

After the Minigame

The drone hides in Electrolyzer's blindspot like a remora on a shark. They both pass undamaged and undetected through AntiMatter's cloaking forcefield.

At AntiMatter's hideout, Agent Solomon Blaze is trapped in a cage floating in the water, and SharX is in the water with him.

SharX: I'm tired of babysitting you. If it were up to me, Blaze, you wouldn't be so high and dry.

Solomon: Something tells me you'll be free of me soon enough.

The hideout's claw arm lowers to pick up the cage.

The stealth drone is positioned directly underneath the hideout.

Stealth Drone: Beep bo beep!

From beneath the oil rig, the resourceful drone spots the cables powering the base's cloaking device!

Solomon spots the drone.

Solomon: Get out of there, little guy! You've been spotted!

The Sharkanator swims underneath the drone.

The little drone manages to fire off a single shot before being crushed by the jaws of the robo shark. Nothing survives a bite strength of 100 tonnes per square inch!

AntiMatter: No! That drone destroyed the laurentonium supply. Our forcefield is coming down!

Dr. Brainstein There! Something big is cutting through the fog.

AntiMatter: Very well. Let's see who has more firepower once and for all.

Elsewhere at the hideout...

SharX: What are all those things sticking out of that ship?

Solomon: It's a special delivery for you. I hope you're ready for a boat load of trouble.

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