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Mission Deep Freeze is an Alpha Team subtheme, that ran from 2004-2005.


IMG 6004

Mission Deep Freeze on the cover of a LEGO Club Magazine

Evil Ogel was planning to use his new Ice Orbs to freeze the world. Alpha Team tracked him to Antarctica, where he succeeded in freezing the team, the rest of the world and even time itself. The Team was saved by Zed, an Alpha Team special agent, who was protected from the time freeze by his vehicle, which was equipped for such an event. He defrosted the Alpha Team agents and then went to destroy Ogel's fortress. He was interrupted when Ogel himself attacked Zed in his Scorpion Orb Launcher. The LEGO Magazine invited members to send in submissions of what they thought would happen in the battle, although they were not published in the magazine and members did not see the end of the battle. However, it is generally assumed that Zed defeated Ogel.


  • While the subtheme was never officially named anything but "Alpha Team" during its run, fans took to calling it "Mission Deep Freeze" on forums online, which LEGO eventually officially adopted and used in later books that mentioned the theme.




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