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Model Maker is a theme of sets manufactured by Samsonite from 1968 until 1971. There were nineteen sets produced for this theme. All but three of these sets were models of a form of vehicle and many of these sets were duplications of sets released with-in the LEGOLAND (theme).


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
00-Lego Puppet Set.gif00-5Puppet Set89 1969
1-1.jpg1Mini-Wheel Model Maker No.186 1971
157-Four Car Auto Transport.jpg157Four Car Auto Transport63 1970
2-Mini-Wheel Model Maker No. 2.gif2Mini-Wheel Model Maker No. 263 1971
248-Factory.jpg248Factory210 1971
3-Mini-Wheel Model Maker No. 3.gif3Mini-Wheel Model Maker No. 365 1971
310-1-1105911979.jpg310Motorized Truck Set183 1969
311-5-1004730497.jpg311Remote Control Car Set175 1970
0312-1.jpg312Remote Control Supplement1 1970
343-2-1172528297.jpg343Ferry147 1968
346-Jumbo Jet.jpg346Jumbo Jet117 1970
0348-2.jpg348Mini-Wheel Car and Truck Set211 1970
349.jpg349Mini-Wheel Construction Set195 1971
360-2.1193363542.thumb2.jpg360Ambulance21 1971
362-2.jpg362Delivery Van30 1971
363-Antique Car.gif363Antique Car36 1971
0367-2.jpg367Mini-Airport and Vehicles  1970
371-2.1105127490.thumb2.jpg371Motorized Truck Set325$14.001967
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