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Modular Buildings is a sub-theme of Creator introduced in 2007, which features large, detailed, connectable buildings, primarily aimed at older teenage and adult fans of LEGO. To date there have been nine sets ranging from fire houses to town halls. Each set costs around £100 GBP/$150 USD except for the more expensive 10224 Town Hall , 10243 Parisian Restaurant, and the 10th Anniversary 10255 Assembly Square and the cheaper 10182 Café Corner and 10190 Market Street.

Street Layout


  • All sets in the series feature a number of common attributes. These attributes include:
    • A light-grey tiled curb one stud in width
    • Dark grey tiled sidewalk
    • Metallic grey grille elements acting as storm drains
    • A white fluted lamp post with a translucent-clear minifig head acting as the lamp and topped with a white 2 x 2 dish
    • The buildings themselves are placed approximately 7 studs away from the front edge of their baseplates, although this can vary based on other decorations and structures along the front face of the buildings
    • All buildings go edge-to-edge on two sides of their baseplates to enable the buildings to lock together side by side. For straight-side buildings, the two edge sides are opposite of one another; for corner buildings, the two edge sides are perpendicular.
    • On each flush edge, two 1 x 2 Technic bricks with a single hole in the side, mounted at the base of the building exactly 10-11 and 22-23 studs from the curbside edge. These act as mounting points so that 1 x 2 technic pins can be placed in them and the buildings can lock together and remain flush.
  • All of the sets before 2018 include minifigures with the classic face (except 10190 Market Street as it has newer ones).
  • All of the sets have a recommended age of 16+ except 10224 Town Hall, which is recommended for 14+, and 10190 Market Street, which is recommended for 10+.
  • The set 70620 Ninjago City and 70657 Ninjago City Docks is compatible with the Modular Buildings series.
  • Most of the Modular Buildings appear in Lego media including The LEGO Movie and Lego City Undercover .


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
10182 box10182Café Corner2056Townsperson One, Townsperson Two, Townsperson Three$139.992007
1018510185Green Grocer2352Townsperson Seven, Townsperson Eight, Townsperson Nine, Townsperson Ten$149.99 / €149,992008
10190 box10190Market Street1248Townsperson Four, Townsperson Five, Townsperson Six$89.992007
FireBrigBox10197Fire Brigade2231Firefighter Chef, Female Firefighter, Male Firefighter, Woman$149.99 / €149.99September 1, 2009
3-10211 box side large10211Grand Emporium2182Cashier, Shopper, Male Shopper, Child, Window Cleaner, Groom Mannequin, Bride Mannequin$149.99 / €149.99March 3, 2010
Lego1021810218Pet Shop2032Pet Shop Owner, Woman, Girl, Painter$149.99 / €149.99May 10, 2011
10224 alt110224Town Hall2766Bride, Groom, Mayor, Press Woman, Secretary, Child, Child, Janitor$199.99 / €179.99March 1, 2012
1023010230Mini Modulars1356$79.99 / €69.99January 1, 2012
10232-2110232Palace Cinema2196Minnie Figure, Chauffeur, Female Guest, Male Guest, Photographer, Cinema Worker$149.99 / €139.99March 1, 2013
10243 alt110243Parisian Restaurant2469Chef, Waiter, Artist, Woman, Man$159.99 / €149.99January 1, 2014
LEGO 10246 Detec 5469c5322f04910246Detective's Office2262Detective Ace Brickman, Al the Barber, Dart Player, Pool Player, Police Woman, Lady in Red$159.99January 2015
1025110251Brick Bank2380Bank manager, Secretary, Teller, Mom, Child$169.99 / €149.99January 1, 2016
LEGO Creator Assembly Square10255Assembly Square4002Baby, Florist, Baker, Barista, Photogrpaher, Dentist, Ballerina, Music Store Assistant, Lego Fan$279.99January 1, 2017
1026010260Downtown Diner2480Chef, Waitress, Boxer, Rock Star, Bodybuilder, Manager$169.99 / €149,99January 1, 2018
1026410264Corner Garage2569Girl, Mechanic (Female), Mechanic (Male), Man, Woman, Veterinarian$199.99 / €179.99January 1, 2019
10270 Box3 v3910270Bookshop2054Woman, Man, Child, Old Man, Old Woman$179.99 / €159.99January 20, 2020


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