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Moloch is a Star Wars minifigure released in 2018. He is a new character that is part of the Solo: A Star Wars Story subtheme.


Moloch uses a brand new head mold. He also has a gray torso, and a gray dress piece that is meant to be a robe. He carries a blaster pistol and is armed with a staff. The staff is an orange stick mold with a white lightsaber hilt mold and a white cap on top.


Moloch was a Grindalid member of the White Worms gang, and was present in the White Worm's den when Han Solo was brought to Lady Proxima after a failed mission. Lady Proxima was angered by Han's failure and ordered Rebolt to hit Han with a staff. Han got angered by this, grabbed the staff from Rebolt, and said that he will hit back. Moloch then pulled out a blaster and pointed it at Han. Frightened for Han, Qi'ra ran in front of Moloch and pleaded with him to not shoot Han. Han then grabbed a rock and broke a window with it, exploiting the Grindalid weakness of sunlight. This caused Proxima to burn it up and retreat into the water. Han then took Qi'ra, pushed through the scumrats, and ran outside the den. Moloch quickly covered his face with armor so he wouldn't burn, and started to pursue Han and Qi'ra. As Han and Qi'ra were escaping in a land speeder, Moloch opened fire on them, but was not able to hit them or the speeder.

Moloch then took Rebolt, Syke, and a pack of Corellian Hounds with him in his A-A4B landspeeder to pursue the White Worm deserters with. Moloch quickly caught up to Qi'ra and Han in his speeder, and started to knock their speeder with his much more sizable speeder. Moloch proceeded to chase the deserters through the streets of Coronet City. Han eventually took the chase into an industrial manufacturing plant. Han then slanted his speeder to try and fit through a small crevice so Moloch would not catch him. At the end of the crevice Han's speeder became wedged in the crevice, so he and Qi'ra were forced to continue running on foot. Moloch's speeder was way too big to go after them, so like Han and Qi'ra, he and his party were forced to chase the deserters on foot.[5]

Moloch tracked Han and Qi'ra down to the Coronet Spaceport, but was momentarily stopped by a stormtrooper. Moloch informed the Stormtrooper of the runaways, and the Stormtroopers began to look for Han and Qi'ra as well. Han and Qi'ra were able to get to the gate to leave Corellia, but as they were walking out, one of Moloch's thugs grabbed Qi'ra, and brought her to Moloch. The gate then closed so they couldn't get, thus allowing Han to escape Corellia and leave them behind.