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Monkey Wretch is a member of the sky pirates. He teds to be seen on Dogshank's shoulder. He is a human turned into a monkey.


He is a small monkey with a grey head and body, and orange limbs, exept one, with brown hands and paws. He wields a hammer and a musket.


When Monkey Wretch was a human, he was known for the being the fastest person to repair ships. While Monkey Wretch was repairing Misfortune's keep, a random monkey stumbled upon him. Who went to the toolbox that was owned by Monkey Wretch and started imitating what Monkey Wretch was doing. They both grabbed a hammer and drill. Then started fighting over a saw. Nadakhan later appeared to tell Monkey Wretch he has 3 wishes. Monkey Wretch wished to be the fastest person to repair ships and wanted the Monkey gone. The Monkey started making noises which Monkey Wretch told Nadakhan to not listen to him. Although Nadakhan did grant Monkey Wretch's wish. He combined Monkey Wretch and the other brown Monkey. Which turned him into a Silver and Orange Monkey, being able to fix ships as fast as possible. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Monkey Wretch is a mechanical primate that does all the engineering for the Misfortune’s Keep. He takes care of all the onboard tech and keeps the vessel afloat with his speedy reflexes.