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Monster Fighters is a theme introduced in May 2012. To date, ten sets have been released. Seven of the sets contain at least one Moonstone, and in the background story, the monsters attempt to collect them to unleash doom on the Earth by eclipsing the Sun forever, allowing the land of monsters into the minifigure's realm. The stones are based on the monster contained in its respective set. A band of Monster Fighters, led by Dr. Rodney Rathbone, tries to find the stones before the evil Lord Vampyre uses them to eclipse the sun forever.


All the Monster Fighters sets follow a similar pattern. Every one features a lair/vehicle of some sort for a monster with a moonstone somewhere in it and a vehicle for the Monster Fighters. (with the exception of 9468 Vampyre Castle, which contains six moonstones and 10228 Haunted House, which contains no Moonstones, nor Monster Fighters or Monster Fighter's vehicle.) 9461 The Swamp Creature contains a swamp boat for Frank Rock, and a small marshy lair for the Swamp Creature. 9462 The Mummy includes a chariot drawn by a glow-in-the-dark skeletal horse, and an autogyro piloted by Ann Lee. 9463 The Werewolf includes a large brown tree (of various shades) inhabited by the Werewolf, and an old car piloted by Major Quinton Steele. 9464 The Vampyre Hearse features, as its name would indicate, a hearse driven by the Zombie Driver. It also features a small motorcycle driven by Dr. Rodney Rathbone.

9468, the second largest set in the theme.

9465 The Zombies features a tomb inhabited by three zombies, a small podium with a moonstone and a large car driven by Jack McHammer. The majority of 9466 The Crazy Scientist and His Monster, consists of a large laboratory, and a small blue car driven by two Monster Fighters. In 9467 The Ghost Train, a very large train, with three Ghosts riding on it is featured, as well as a plane driven by Frank Rock. The largest portion of 9468 Vampyre Castle is a large castle, although it also includes a car driven by Monster Fighters. There is no particular color scheme for the theme, although grey and black pieces are featured prominently in many sets, and every one except for 9461 The Swamp Creature and 30200 Zombie Coffin Car contains at least one glow-in-the-dark part. Though each set does include a color scheme to match either the monster or its background.


Lord Vampyre tapping into the magical powers of the moonstone

Lord Vampyre, a powerful vampire, was pestered by his wife to get her a Moonstone, but when Lord Vampyre finally found it, he realized the magical power it possessed and decided to keep it for himself. If six of them were brought together (though there are actually seven in total), they would eclipse the sun and turn day into night forever, so the monsters could roam freely, and they could get to the minifigure realms. To defend the earth from this new spooky threat, Rodney Rathbone put together a band of monster fighters to retrieve the stones before Vampyre collected them to unleash their power on the world. These monster fighters include Frank Rock, Major Quinton Steele, Ann Lee, Jack McHammer, all with monster archenemies and personal vehicles.


I am writing this journal entry tonight with the grim knowledge that it may be my last chance to tell the world of my newest and most dangerous mission. In just moments, I will be embarking on a perilous journey into dark and scary places where mortals and minifigures are most unwelcome.

It was just days ago, when my keen detective work uncovered the diabolical plot of an evil mastermind -- Lord Vampyre. For centuries, he has been slumbering and plotting inside of the darkest dungeon of the biggest castle in the Monster Realm. When he awoke on the full moon, Lord Vampyre once again rose to power as the leader of the monster army, and unveiled a plan to turn day into night forever, unleashing the land of monsters into our world. Now, we must travel deep into the Realm of Monsters to stop him.

It all began with a curious jewel called a Moonstone. At the coaxing of his bride, Lord Vampyre scoured his lands to unearth this precious gem. But instead of giving it to his beloved as planned, he soon realized the magical properties of this strange stone. Lord Vampyre locked himself in his castle, and set to work on a machine that could tap into the powerful magic of the Moonstones. Alas, it was completed. Located on the highest tower, it lies waiting for all six Moonstones to power its magic and eclipse the sun forever.

And so, he mounted a search for every Moonstone in the Monster Realm. As fate would have it, I had been entrusted with the secret locations of these Moonstones, hidden centuries ago by my great, great, great grandfig to protect the world from a disaster such as this. They lie in the furthest corners of the Monster Lands, guarded by ghoulish creatures, in places no one dared to go. The Swamp Marsh, in a secret compartment of the Mummy's chariot, the deep, dark Forest, the Crazy Scientist's underground laboratory, the Ghost Train, and the ghoulish Graveyard.

We must take them before Lord Vampyre can get his undead hands on them. Time is short. The monsters are very close to collecting the remaining stones, and there is just one hope left: a band of heroes who won't let the lights go out without a fight. Major Quinton Steele ... Frank Rock ... Jack McHammer ... and Ann Lee. Who am I? I'm Dr. Rodney Rathbone, of course, leader of this mission. Together, we are the Monster Fighters. Join us, if you dare.


  • The theme is remarkably inspired to the 1987 Monster movie The Monster Squad, which features the same monsters, apart from the Ghosts, and the same story line, although this isn't a Licensed theme.
  • There are essentially 2 set remakes in this line from Studios, 1380 Werewolf Ambush and 9463 The Werewolf, as well as 1382 Scary Laboratory and 9466 The Crazy Scientist and His Monster.
  • The theme adds more parts introduced in the Minifigures theme to mainstream sets. A few of the most noticeable parts are the Cave Woman's hair and the Musketeer's sword. Also, many of the antagonists are remade version of figures featured in the Minifigures theme: The Monster, Crazy Scientist, Zombie, Vampire, Mummy, and Werewolf.
  • In addition to remaking Minifigures, several of the monsters have previously been featured in the Studios theme. See Ghost, Frankenstein's Monster, Mad Scientist, Vampire, Mummy, and Werewolf.
  • Even though Lord Vampyre only needs six Moon Stones to power eclipse the sun, there are seven in the theme; his own -- decorated with a bat -- a swamp weed, a lightning bolt, a ghost face, a howling wolf, an Eye of Horus, and a zombie hand.
  • The theme appears to feature a very large amount of unique glow-in-the-dark parts, including the ghost's shrouds, several elements on the Ghost Train, and the vampires' head. In addition to these, spiders, werewolf claws, and the Skeletal horse also glow.
  • The Haunted House and the polybags are the only sets not to include a monster fighter.
  • All the sets have at least one exclusive minifigure, with the exception of the polybags and the system sets 9464 Vampyre Hearse and 9467 Ghost Train.
  • There is a short comic on the back of every box, which features Lord Vampyre in his tower, trying to get all the Moonstones ready, and finds one missing -- the one in the set. Then, Lord Vampyre's holding the jewel above him once he has retrieved it, and which every monster's angry or upset about how they were tricked (excepting himself, of course). Finally, in the next panel, he puts whichever Moonstone is in the set onto the Moonstone contraption, and the machine's magic eclipses the sun forever, making day into night.
  • There is a some sort or arrangement for how each Monster Fighter appears, each one appears twice, one in their "origin" or "monster arch enemy set", such as: Major Quinton Steele with The Werewolf in 9463, or Frank Rock with The Swamp Creature in 9461. Only one Monster Fighter who doesn't get to battle his monster, Jack McHammer with The Monster, he was in the preliminary images for 9466, but was then replaced with Major Quinton Steele, most likely due to his battle scar, and his appearance in 9465. The only Monster Fighter to appear more than twice is Dr. Rodney Rathbone, who appears in three sets; 9464, 9466, and 9468, most likely due to him being the leader of the team.
  • Monster Fighters was discontinued in 2012, the same year it was introduced.
  • Three of the character videos had alterations to them when they were uploaded to the Official LEGO Youtube channel. The original uncut videos of these three particular clips can still be found on archived versions of the website.
    • In the original video about the Zombies, the focus was on the Zombie Bride and Groom in particular with a emphasis from Rodney's narration on how where the viewer would find one, they would always find the other. Towards the end of the video with his warning on how they would be out to "eat your bricks", a brick from the Zombie Bride's teeth flies to the center of the screen and transforms into a heart that loses colour and decays as the clip draws to a close. The Official LEGO Youtube rereleases of the character videos has this clip change focus from the undead couple to a "Voodoo Doctor" with some of the description being altered to match his bio. Although Rodney once again closes out his warning the same as before, this brick in the Zombie Bride's teeth remains where it is without transforming into a heart as the video ends. It is uncertain why the rerelease had been changed so much, but one could theorize the original video's ending graphic may have been unsettling for viewers.
    • In the character profile video about Ghosts, Rodney mentions to the viewer that they aren't too much trouble as long as they are vacuumed up and that to deal with them otherwise is to turn on as many lights as possible, close their eyes and sing in a "lalalalala" tone to make them become bored of being ignored so they will leave. In the Official Youtube rerelease, Rodney does not mention them being vulnerable to being vacuumed and his advice is slightly altered from before. Whilst he still suggests turning on as many lights as possible, he instead following that suggests hiding under the nearest blanket and making extra emphasis to the viewer to not turn their back on them. Despite this change, the weaknesses section of the book in this video still lists his advice of ignoring them.
    • Rodney Rathbone's video isn't altered, but instead extended by an extra 20 or so seconds in the Official LEGO Youtube rerelease, going more into depth about him turning away from his gun to both swordsmanship and augmenting his leg to standing a chance against Lord Vampyre and the creatures of the Monster Realms.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
HH box.jpg10228Haunted House2064Ghost (x2), Lord Vampyre, Zombie Chef, Vampyre's Bride, Butler$179.99 / €149.99September 1, 2012
Lego30200.jpg30200Zombie Coffin Car32Zombie Driver$3.992012
30201.jpg30201Ghost31Ghost€2.99June 8, 2012
40076.png40076Zombie Car60Zombie Driver$4.99 / 75.00 (Free) / €75.00 (Free)September 1 2012
5000644-1.jpg5000644Monster Fighters promotional pack12Skeleton 2012
5001133.png5001133Monster Fighters Collection Ann Lee (x2), Dr. Rodney Rathbone (x3), Frank Rock (x2), Jack McHammer, Major Quinton Steele (x2), Ghost (x3), The Swamp Creature, Lord Vampyre (x2) (Cape, no cape variants), Vampyre Bride, The Mummy, Zombie Driver, Manbat (x2), The Werewolf, The Monster, Crazy Scientist, Skeleton$303.932012
9461 alt1.png9461The Swamp Creature70Frank Rock, Swamp Creature$6.99 / €7.99May 2012
9462 alt1.png9462The Mummy90Mummy, Ann Lee$11.99 / €9.99May 2012
9463 alt1.png9463The Werewolf243Werewolf, Major Quinton Steele$19.99 / €19.99May 2012
Le monstervampirgruft.jpg9464The Vampyre Hearse314Lord Vampyre, Zombie Driver, Dr. Rodney Rathbone$34.99 / €29.99June 2012
ZombiesBox.jpg9465The Zombies447Jack McHammer, Zombie Bride, Zombie Driver, Zombie Groom$39.99 / €39.992012
9466 alt1.png9466The Crazy Scientist and His Monster422Crazy Scientist, The Monster, Dr. Rodney Rathbone, Major Quinton Steele$49.99 / €49.99June 2012
Le monstergeisterzug.jpg9467The Ghost Train740Ghost (Three), Ann Lee, Frank Rock$79.99 / €79.992012
9468 alt1.png9468Vampyre Castle949Lord Vampyre, Vampyre Bride, Manbat (Two), Dr. Rodney Rathbone, Jack McHammer, Skeleton$99.99 / €99.99June 2012
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LEGO® Monster Fighters - "Mood Video"

The video showing the theme's story


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