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Monstrox is the primary antagonist of the Nexo Knights theme and animated series.



A powerful necromancer, Monstrox was once a member of the Wizards' Council until he discovered the Forbidden Powers. As he experimented with the dark magic, Monstrox eventually succumbed to corruption and insanity. With the powers of darkness at his disposal, the necromancer terrorized the kingdom of Knighton with his sorcery, wreaking havoc across the land. Monstrox was ultimately expelled from the Council, and Merlok faced off against him in the dark woods. Ever since his defeat at Merlok's hands -- his army turned to stone and his castle shrunken down and placed in a snow globe -- revenge was the only thought in Monstrox's mind. Monstrox was eventually trapped in the form of a book, his evil powers divided among eleven other spell books. Merlok was reluctant to sacrifice such potent sources of magic, and so took the spell books to his library for safe keeping. The transformed necromancer himself was placed on a pedestal and surrounded by a protective barrier. Even as a book, Monstrox knew he still possessed a certain amount of power, and decided to bide his time, awaiting the perfect opportunity to find a suitable pawn to set his vengeful plan in motion.


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