"But if I do that, I'll fall back into a dreamless sleep!"
―Mottrot to Maula
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Mottrot is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2014. He is the prince of the Mammoth Tribe, the son of Maula, and the older brother of Mungus.


Mottrot has a doubled sided Brick Yellow head (one side calm, one stern) with light blue eyes, Medium Lavender patches, and tusks. Above the head is a Brick Yellow headgear piece with white rubber tusks and Medium Lavender tendon patches. The torso is also Brick Yellow with a ragged brown top with a blue Chi pattern. The right arm is Brick Yellow with a Reddish Brown hand and the left arm with a Transparent Light Blue arm and Dark Azur hand. His hips are Dark Brown with a loincloth print and a Transparent Light Blue leg with a fur and white toenail print on it and a left leg in Brick Yellow with a fur, fluorescent bone, and white toenail print. Mottrot also wears a Transparent Light Blue breastplate with a Transparent Light Blue 1x1 round tile connected.

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Mottrot is the brains of the Mammoth tribe. He created detachable flyers for the Mammoth stompers, fixed up and upgraded the ice tribe's Speedorz, and even made a weapon out of Mammoth tusks, an extremely hard material to work with. He is, however, not praised by his mother Maula for his brain, as she gives all of his idea's credit to Mungus his stupid yet strong brother. Even when he had the idea to save Mungus's life by borrowing Cragger's Fire CHI, Maula gave the credit to herself, and when confronted by her brilliant son, she just evades the question. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (see the source of this quote)


Mottrot is one of the smartest warriors in all of the Ice Hunter tribes, a master planner who has devised incredibly effective battle strategies. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much credit for his brains. He is short, and among Mammoths that means you aren’t respected. And his mother, Maula, dotes on his huge, dumb brother Mungus. She gives Mungus the credit for all of Mottrot’s great ideas. Mottrot doesn’t object, because he doesn’t want to get his Mom angry at him. Mottrot can’t even get a little comfort when he gets hurt in battle. Maula will usually just blame him for being clumsy.


  • Mottrot's role is remarkably similar to Crooler, to be a gifted child with ideas grown up in the shadow of a younger more respected sibling.
  • His Chima file states his archenemy is Mungus due to their sibling rivalry.
  • In the TV show he has his mother's bazooka while she has his scythe.