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Mr. Crook,[1] also known as Barry[2] and commonly referred to simply as a Crook,[3] is a City Police minifigure introduced in 2014.


Mr. Crook wears a white prison shirt with dark grey stripes, with torn-off sleeves exposing his bright yellow arms, along with dark stone grey pants. He also wears a Mini Pixie Cap, which is either black (in 60041 and LEGO Quest & Collect) or dark stone grey (in 60047 and 60049); similarly, Barry is depicted with a black cap on the front cover of Follow That Easter Egg!, but a grey cap in the book's illustrations. His face is printed with a scowling expression and grayish-tan mutton chops. He is sometimes depicted with a black Chain With Ball attached to one leg, or a sand yellow Mini Figure Sack on his back; in 60047 and 60049, the latter varies between instructions and official images.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, like other enemies, Mr. Crook is portrayed with pale skin and red eyes. He wears a black cap like in 60041, but does not wear the knapsack.


Mr. Crook is a crook in LEGO City, pursued by the police after stealing money. Mr. Crook and a fellow crook hide their stolen goods in their secret opening rock hideout, but are caught and arrested by the Helicopter Transporter. When imprisoned at the Police Station, another crook uses a tow truck to break Mr. Crook out of jail.

In Follow That Easter Egg!, Barry breaks Larry out of prison on Easter Sunday, and they escape through the sewers to their hideout. Barry hatches his plot to steal a golden egg from the Prisoner Transporter. After succeeding, they make their getaway into the Easter Festival in the park, where they lose the golden egg and chase it down. By the time they find it amid a pile of chocolate eggs, the police have caught up to them, and the crooks are arrested.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Mr. Crook is an enemy debuting in Episode I-1 "Mayhem in the Capital". In the intro cutscene, Mr. Crook and Bag Crook are seen chased by a cop around the Capital's fountain.


  • Mr. Crook's design is very similar to other crooks, particularly Verne. The one difference between Mr. Crook and Verne is their differently-colored pants.


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  • Follow That Easter Egg!

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