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Mr. E is a Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Minifigure and Nindroid general of the Sons of Garmadon introduced in 2018.


Mr. E first appears in "The Mask of Deception", where he leads a group of masked thieves in stealing the Mask of Vengeance from Borg Tower. After shedding his green attire, he manages to elude Lloyd's subsequent pursuit, though he seems uninterested in the fate of his comrade Luke Cunningham. In "The Jade Princess," Mr. E has Mohawk and another Son of Garmadon approach Ultra Violet. He then takes part in an attack on the Royal Palace of Ninjago, donning the Mask of Vengeance in order to battle the Ninja.

In "The Oni and the Dragon," Mr. E appears with other Sons of Garmadon at Smiley's, where they capture Cole after his disguise is penetrated. Zane, in disguise, then helps him to escape from the other Ninja in order to gain his trust and infiltrate the gang. In "Snake Jaguar," Zane discovers that Mr. E is, like himself, a Nindroid. In "Dead Man's Squall," Mr. E brutally defeats and damages Zane, also planting an arachnid-like robot in him to sabotage the Destiny's Bounty 3.0.

Mr. E also appears as a minor antagonist in season nine.

Gallery of Variants

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NormalOni Mask of Vengeance


Green Thief Ninja




  • His name is a play on "mystery."
  • The Hageman Brothers had intended to reveal in Season 8 that Mr. E was in fact Echo Zane, but dropped the idea due to storyline complications.