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"I dare say it’s your lucky day!"
―Mr. Gold

Mr. Gold is a 71001 Minifigures Series 10 minifigure released in 2013. He is extremely rare, due to only 5000 being made.


Mr. Gold is made completely out of gold. He has a gold top hat, a gold face, a gold torso that looks like a tuxedo, and gold legs. His hands are White.


  • There are five thousand Mr. Gold minifigures in existence.
  • He is the second minifigure in Minifigures theme that has a title name, the first being Mr. Good and Evil.
  • He was made to celebrate the 10th series of the Minifigures theme.
  • He has a chrome gold finish, as pointed out in the LEGO Minifigures: Character Encyclopedia.
  • He is packaged with two bags. A clear bag inside the foil package holds him safely.
  • The diamond on his staff and his white gloves are the only parts of his ensemble that are not exclusive or chrome.
  • He is valued at a thousand dollars.[source?]
  • On, when his bio is open, there is a special VIP code that comes with him in the package and you enter it there. When the code is entered, you can pull up a special "certificate" with a picture of Mr. Gold and enter where in the world you are to add a pin to the "Found Mr. Gold" map on the site.
  • He is the first minifigure to have the top hat in gold.
  • On the homepage, Mr. Gold is counted as a Series 11 minifigure.
  • He has the highest stats of all Minifigures, which also is the highest stats possible.
  • At the present time, 1883 have been found, and 3117 are remaining. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

“I dare say it's your lucky day!”

Rumor has it that somewhere out there is a very special Minifigure known as Mr. Gold. Shining and golden from the top of his tall top hat to the tips of his toes, he may be discovered in all sorts of unexpected places, but he never seems to turn up exactly when and where you’re looking for him. According to legend, Mr. Gold will bring you luck if you happen to spot him… or is it that you’ll need to have a lot of luck to find him? Either way, everybody wants to find the mysterious Golden Minifigure – but only a fortunate few will succeed!



CM rating five stars


CM rating five stars


CM rating five stars



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