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== Description ==
== Description ==
He wears a black top hat and has the [[Crazy Scientist]]'s conical flask. His face is [[Sand Green]] on the left and [[Bright Yellow]] on the right. His left hand is [[Sand Green]].
He wears a [[Black]] [[Top Hat]] and has the [[Crazy Scientist]]'s [[Conical Flask]]. His face is [[Sand Green]] on the left and [[Bright Yellow]] on the right. His left hand is [[Sand Green]].
== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==

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"Should I build or deconstruct today?"
―Mr. Good and Evil

Mr. Good and Evil is a Minifigures Series 9 minifigure to be released in January 2013.


He wears a Black Top Hat and has the Crazy Scientist's Conical Flask. His face is Sand Green on the left and Bright Yellow on the right. His left hand is Sand Green.

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“Should I build or deconstruct today?”

Transformed by a laboratory accident, Mr. Good and Evil has been split into a good side and a bad side. Half of him wants to help people and solve problems, while the other half craves nothing but chaos and destruction.

Because both halves are in the same body, they’re constantly trying to sabotage each other. As a result, everything good that he tries to do ends up at least a little bit bad, and everything bad comes out a little bit good. According to the other Minifigures, it actually makes him a pretty decent neighbor…if you don’t mind all of the arguing!"



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