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Mr. Incredible, whose real name is Bob Parr, is a minifigure released in 2016 and 2018.


Mr. Incredible is a retired superhero living as a family man, married to his former ally-turned wife Helen Parr, whose best known as Elastigirl. Tired of his mundane life, he returns to action to stop a rampaging robot that may have had a hand in the deaths of other heroes. However, this mission puts him and his super-powered family against Syndrome, who plans to use the robots in his plan to make the world consider him a hero.


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Minifigure Variants

Mr. Incredible
LEGO Mr. Incredible

Gallery of Video Game Variants

Mr (mini)
Mr inc
Mr (golden)
Mr (bob)
Mr (vigilante)
Mr (workout)
Mr (pyjamas)
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