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== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==
* [[3843 Ramses Pyramid]]
* [[3843 Ramses Pyramid]] {{c|8}}
[[Category:LEGO Games microfigures]]
[[Category:LEGO Games microfigures]]
[[Category:Minifigures introduced in 2009]]
[[Category:Minifigures introduced in 2009]]

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The Mummy is a microfigure released in 2009.


In the kingdom of Ancient Egypt, it was custom to mummify rich people after their death. The corpse's internal organs would be removed and the mummy wrapped from head to toe in a very long strip of cloth. Mummies have been used throughout modern culture, in horror, because of the paranoia of dead people moving. Mummies are consistently seen, similarly to zomies patrolling dark corridors. A common feature of the horror mummy is that the strip of cloth is slowly winding off. This depiction of a mummy is used in this set.

Role in the Game

In 3843 Ramses Pyramid, the eight mummy microfigures all start at the top of the temple. During the course of the came they work their way down, and start causing a threat to the explorers.


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