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Mummy Warrior is a Pharaoh's Quest minifigure released in January 2011. It appears in two of the six Pharaoh's Quest sets.


The Mummy Warrior's head is double sided. One side features light grey mummy wraps with two red eyes and a mouth visible beneath the wrappings. The other features the same mummy wraps but with only one white eye peeking out. His torso features dirty, tattered light grey mummy wraps and a golden necklace with small blue gems in it. The back of his torso piece is identical to the front. The Mummy Warrior's leg piece is gray with a golden belt with blue gems and a blue loincloth.


The Mummy Warrior is one of the most numerous of the antagonists in the Pharaoh's Quest theme. Their job is to collect the lost treasures of Amset-Ra and return them to him. The mummies are strong but are very dim, making them easy to trick. However, they tend to travel in packs, making up for their slow wits. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

The Pharaoh’s mummy warriors are driven by one all-consuming purpose: to find the lost treasures of Amset-Ra and return them to their master before he reawakens. They will do whatever it takes to fulfill their mission, and woe unto anyone or anything that gets in their way! The mummies may be strong, but their slow-witted single-mindedness makes them easy for a clever adventurer to trick or trap. Unfortunately, they tend to travel in packs!


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