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Mungus is the King of the Mammoth Tribe, Maula's son and Mottrot's brother, and will appear in Summer of 2014 in the Legends of Chima theme. He is very strong, yet very childish as he is seen playing with snow and making snow-angels. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (see the source of this quote)

Mungus is the biggest and strongest warrior in the Ice Hunter tribes, easily twice the size of anyone else. He’s so big that it took three CHI orbs to wake him up from his frozen sleep. Mungus can flip over a Rhino tank without even trying hard and defeat a troop of Lions all by himself. He is actually a lovable sort but not very bright, and can’t do much of anything unless his mother, Maula, tells him how to do it. He’s sweet, friendly, and happy all the time – unless Maula tells him to attack something, in which case he charges forward and crushes it flat.


  • His name is based on the word 'humongous' due to his size.
  • He is a larger mould similar to The Hulk.
  • He is the second of these larger figures to appear in a nonlicensed theme the first being the Giant Troll.
  • Set 70209 Mungus references that Mungus is the King of the Mammoth Tribe.
  • Due to his size, he has a belt which contains 3 orbs of CHI, instead of just one orb.
  • Mungus is shown to be very strong, as he is even able to hold up the Crocodile Swamp's Entrance.
  • Mungus appears to talk in third-person, mentioning his name a lot. This type of speech is typically used for more stupid characters.
  • He is the first LEGO "bigfig" to have a removable, separate head. He uses a minifigure head and the same headpiece mould as Maula and Mottrot over it.
  • Maula seems to favour him over her other son, Mottrot. For example, Maula made Mottrot give up his CHI for Mungus because Mungus required 3 orbs and had only 2, leaving Mottrot with a loss in order for Mungus to have a full belt of CHI.


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