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The Mutant Leader is a DC Comics minifigure who first appeared in The LEGO Batman Movie.


In a dystopian future, Gotham City was terrorized by the Mutant gang, led by the man only known as the Mutant Leader. An aged Batman came out of retirement and faced the Mutant Leader who defeated him with ease, due to Batman's age. However, Batman then defeated him in their rematch with the entire mutant gang watching. Bruce then recruited the mutants to become the Sons of Batman.

LEGO Batman Movie

Strong, tough and stubborn, the Mutant Leader’s biggest “power” may be his general thick-headedness and inability to never back down from a fight. As the undisputed leader of the street gang known as the Mutants, he’s used to using shouting to get his way, and if that fails, then he’s happy to use his fists instead. The claims that he comes from a retro-futuristic alternate timeline are probably just rumors.

Bat-Fact: Not sure if he’s actually a mutant, or just dresses weird.


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