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Mutant Lizards are small lizard-like dinosaurs in the LEGO Dino Attack Theme. They were released in 2005.


Mutant Lizards are made up of one piece and are made of a flexible rubber-like material. They have no real joints that allow for posing of limbs and other such parts. Each foot has a hole on the underside large enough to fit onto a LEGO stud, but they cannot be securely connected.

Physically, Mutant Lizards are slightly taller than standard minifigures but are much longer than minifigures (mainly due to their tail). They appear in three colours: black, dark orange, and purple. They also have differently-coloured spots along their backs: black lizards have blue (in 7473/7294) or yellow (in 7475/7296) spots; orange lizards have yellow spots; and purple lizards have blue spots. Each Mutant Lizard has white eyes and teeth.

Green, yellow, and red Mutant Lizards appear in the online Dino Attack Game, even though they do not appear in these colors in sets.


In Dino Attack, Mutant Lizards have different powers, depending on the breed. These include acid-spitting, darkness, stealth, fire-breathing, and colour-changing. They are highly adaptable and skilled at infiltration. Finding their strength in numbers, Mutant Lizards make up the bulk of the dinosaur population.

In Dino 2010, Mutant Lizards are nondescript dinosaurs that have escaped into the jungle and are being recaptured by the heroic hunters. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Powers: Speed, and various assorted abilities, including chameleon powers, acid, darkness, heightened stealth, and fire-breathing. Not particularly strong individually, but they usually operate in groups.

Description: The bulk of the dino army is made up of these mutant lizards. Powers vary based on breed, and they have shown the ability to adapt to attacks made against them (so the same thing rarely works twice). Particularly skilled at infiltrating bases.

Gallery of Variants[]

7473 Mutant Lizard
Black (Blue Spots)Black (Yellow Spots)PurpleDark Orange


Online Game Appearances[]


  • The Mutant Lizard's brick is internally named "54125 Compy", implying that it was based on the dinosaur Compsognathus.