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Mynocks are Star Wars creatures introduced in 2017.


Mynocks were a species of silicon-based bat-like parasites that chewed on the power cables and energy conductors of starships, and could drain a ship's entire power supply. They reproduced by splitting in two and growing new creatures from each half. Mynocks were capable of surviving in the atmospheres of planets and the vacuum of space, though only a few varieties lived on planets. They were also known to inhabit asteroid fields and the gullets of exogorths, where they shared in its meals. Mynocks were remotely related to Tibidees, large flying creatures native to Stygeon Prime who were also a nuisance to starpilots.

When seasoned properly, mynocks were able to be consumed by carbon-based lifeforms. Mynock Cloud City and Mynock Coronet City were spicy dishes made from mynock that were popular with Twi'leks. Some hunted mynocks to supply space stations and colonist with regular meat rations.

Soresu, the third style of lightsaber combat, was also known as the Way of the Mynock.


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