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Naboo Security Guard is a Star Wars minifigure exclusive to 7124 Flash Speeder, 75058 MTT and 75091 Flash Speeder.


He mostly consists of a brown colour on his torso, hands, hat, and belt, while the rest of his minifigure is yellow (excluding his face).


The Naboo Security Guard is part of the Naboo security force that usually tries to keep the citizens of Naboo safe. They were active in the battle against the Trade Federation in The Phantom Menace, though they weren't much good against the Federation's Battle Droids. They were used for ground assaults and guarding the queen of the planet, who at the time of The Phantom Menace was Padme Amidala. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Officers in the Royal Naboo Security Forces are courageous and loyal to their elected queen. When the Trade Federation occupies Naboo, they help to lead their troops in the fight to free their planet.


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  • This minifigure has only appeared in three sets.

Naboo Security Guards in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

  • In the LEGO Star Wars video game, Nabbo Security Guards are playable characters. The characters Maoi Madakor and Antidar Williams were replaced by Naboo Security Guards in the first cutscene. When turrets blast the Radiant VII, the two pilots fall out of the ship and dissasemble when they hit the ground.


Video Game Appearances