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Naida Riverheart is an Elves mini-doll figure released in 2015. She is a water elf.


Naida the water elf is an adventurer at heart. She is a sensitive daydreamer, who is not afraid to follow her dreams and loves to sail the Izdur Ocean. With her quiet bravery and wisdom she is pretty popular, and her empathetic, nice and patient personality makes her an important element in a group.

  • Powers: Controls bodies of water: the sea, lakes and waterfalls.
  • Strengths: Confident, helpful, nurturing and wise.
  • Flaws: Daydreamer, a bit quieter than the rest, and can be quite stubborn at times.
  • Skills: She controls water and has a special relationship with all water animals; she is quite powerful for her age. *She can make others feel special.
  • Favorite things: Adventures, maps, friendship, animals and board games, sailing and spending time in the spa.
  • Did you know: Naida lives by the water in her houseboat, and sometimes she stays in an old beautiful spa, where her friend Delphia the dolphin lives.


Gallery of Variants

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