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Natalie Breez is a Hero Factory character who specializes in diplomacy, having the ability to communicate with a wide range of animals. She is a member of Alpha Team and was present on the Ordeal of Fire, Breakout, Brain Attack and Invasion from Below missions.



Breez has a new type of green legs with foot jets. she has a black skeleton torso with a new type of armor with hero factory's logo. Her arms are a new mold. She has a red head with an helmet molded after her normal and breakout face.


A Hero Factory rookie training alongside Furno and Surge, Breez is agile, a natural diplomat and always ready to give a mission everything she’s got. Her core allows her to talk to thousands of different types of animals. When Breez showed maturity during the battles with Von Nebula, Stormer promoted her to a full-fledged Hero. In the Tanker Station 22 Ordeal of Fire, Breez operates as a close combat specialist. During the breakout Breez was tasked with catching Thornraxx. Description

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Don’t let this Rookie’s airy grace fool you, she is no light weight. Breez is highly intelligent and a natural diplomat, but she is also a formidable fighting force, much like a lioness defending her young whenever innocents are at risk.
Breez brings a lot to the table, beyond just her amazing battle skills. Breez was created with an experimental program - that when initially super-charged – created a ‘link’ with nature in most known galactic regions. Her pals tease her that she may be ‘the missing link’ because she can communicate with pretty much every bizarre creature out there. Of course, that usually means she’ll be putting the creepy creature in one of their sleeping pods.

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Breez brings a lot to the table beyond her amazing battle skills. She can also communicate with pretty much every creature in the galaxy, whether good or evil. Her team mates tease her that she may be ‘the missing link’ between the Alpha Team and their evil villains.

Movie Quotes: “Breez to Alpha Team! Stormer’s being dragged underground!”
“Hero Factory! This is Breez! We need major reinforcements!”
“Alpha Team! I put a call in for backup...Hero Factory, send in the cavalry!”

Strenghts: Brave
6th Sense
Hard Working

Weakness: Sometimes works too hard to prove what a great hero she truly is



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