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"We are here to help."
―Evo's first line
"I'm bailing out of the Turrent Machine!"

Nathan Evo is a Hero Factory character introduced in 2011. He specializes in communications, and is a member of Alpha team, having been present on the Ordeal of Fire, Breakout, Brain Attack and Invasion from Below missions.



Evo has a new type of yellow legs. He has a black skeleton torso with a new type of armor with hero factory's logo. His arms are a new mold. He has a red head with an helmet molded after his breakout face.


Nathan is the strongest of the new heroes and operates as Heavy Artillery for the team. He was built in the 2.0 upgrade and fought the Fire Villains on Tanker Station 22.

In Breakout Evo is more like a rookie slightly unsure of himself, as he asks Furno for help several times when looking for Toxic Reapa. At the end of the first stage of Breakout, he fights Black Phantom’s Arachnix Drones along with Surge, Stormer, and Furno, while Rocka fights Black Phantom.

in Brain Attack Evo was assigned by Furno to stop the Aquagon that were invading the sewers of Makuhero City. Here, Evo put his Tornado Staff to good use as he blew away several Aquagon. When the Hero Factory was breached, Evo went to surface where he, Bulk, Furno, Breez, Stormer, and Bulk found a brain controlled Surge and an army of Blank Robots. Evo fought the Robots until they were deactivated by Surge.

In Invasion from Below when a drill crew was working on building a new tunnel under ground for Antropolis, the drill, and the workers were soon reported missing. Evo was called to the scene. He was attacked by several creatures of an unknown origin. Evo then was aided by his team, in battle machines, he recived new one, so he could fight as well. They weren’t battling the beasts for long before Stormer, Surge, and Furno were kidnaped like the workers were. But then, Breez communicated with the mother of these beasts, convincing it they meant no harm. Breez told the mother they would take their friends and leave. Description

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Evo is one of the newest Rookie Heroes produced by Hero Factory. His frame is built on a state-of-the-art chassis that provides a superior platform for updating and upgrading for each mission. He is a dependable and fearless tough guy.
Enthusiastic and highly skilled in the nuances of his brand-new body, Evo has amazing flexibility and hypersensitive senses. He is a communication expert, able to interface with nearly any system, and is also the new head of Hero Outreach. Follow him on HeroFeed, or friend him on HeroBook!

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Evo is one of the newest recruits in the Hero Factory team. He’s an enthusiastic and highly skilled communication expert who can hack and interface with nearly any computer/AI system, and a real live wire. He talks loud, fast and funny, addressing and naming every computer and gadget he comes in touch with as if they were his best friend and giving them encouraging shouts when he uses them.

Movie Quotes:

“I’m bailing out of the Turret Machine!”
“Hero Factory, we’re gonna need something bigger than just me. We need Battle Machines!”

Strengths: Communication expert. Enthusiastic. Funny.

Weakness: Sometimes acts a little bit crazy.



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