Class 4 article

Nehmaar Reem is a Hidden Side Minifigure and brick-built figure that was introduced in 2020.


Nehmaar Reem is king of an alternate world, separate from both the Hidden Side and that of Newbury. His people developed a means of traveling to other worlds, giving them access to seemingly unlimited resources. Unfortunately, in one such world they encountered the Maw, a hideous beast that traveled from world to world devouring all in its path. The beast followed them home, and centered its hunger on Reem’s castle. In order to save his world, Nehmaar Reem transported the castle to another world to draw the Maw away, piloting it alone and leaving his people-including his wife and children-behind.

Reem spent many years taking his castle to uninhabited worlds, allowing the Maw to feed upon them so as to keep it from returning to his own world. Eventually, he could find no others, and in his desperation decided to make his castle appear in Newbury. To do this, he needed to place three crystal-topped rods around the town. While placing the first, he left behind a slimy residue that was later discovered by Parker L. Jackson. She brought it to the attention of J.B., who soon determined its otherworldly origin.

Parker also found one of the rods after two had been planted and removed it. In so doing, she attracted the attention of Nehmaar Reem, who tracked her down to retrieve it. Proving immune to her phone’s ghost-hunting app, Reem reclaimed the rod and warned Parker of her world’s fate, while also ordering her not to interfere. J.B. soon updated the app using the data from the slime, however, and Parker and her allies set out to stop Reem.

Reem chose to place the final rod at the abandoned Newburry Prison, and locked Parker in a cell after discovering she had tracked him there. He was pursued by her ghostly fourth great-grandfather, Vaughn Geist, but proved more than a match for the veteran monster hunter. He then planted the final rod, thus summoning his castle from beneath the town observatory. He then retrieved the three rods, bringing them to the castle in order to complete the process of luring the Maw to the world.

Parker and Jack Davids pursued Reem through his castle, but failed to prevent the summoning. However, they halted Reem’s attempt to leave, and convinced him to explain himself. After hearing his sorrowful tale, the pair decided to help him and their world by trying to destroy the Maw. Unfortunately, the beast destroyed the observatory telescope they hoped to use as a weapon against it.

Plagued by the Old Souls, the ghostly remains of the Maw’s past victims, the unlikely allies found themselves at a loss. After witnessing his dog Spencer chasing his own tail, however, Jack hit upon an idea. He, Parker, and Nehmaar Reem entered the Maw’s mouth, planting the rods so as to open the summoning portal. As Jack had hoped, this led to a looping effect of the Maw materializing within itself seeking to feed, eventually causing the beast to implode.

Reem teleported himself and the children to safety as the Maw met its fate, and thanked them and their friends for his help. He then set out to return to his own world and family, while expressing the hope that he and his new friends might see each other again.




  • The minifigure version has not appeared in animation.