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The News Reporter is a female minifigure from the Alien Conquest theme, exclusive to the set 7065 Alien Mothership. Her name is "Lotta Brix", due to the reporter writing newspaper "articles" (in the LEGO Club Magazine) under that name.


The News Reporter comes with a clipboard tile and the same microphone used by the Pop Star from 8684 Minifigures Series 2, and the Rapper from 8803 Minifigures Series 3. She has a double-sided headpiece. Her torso is printed with a red jacket and an identity badge. On LEGO.com, the News Reporter is erroneously identified as male.



  • She and an ADU Soldier are the only females in the theme.
  • In an Alien Conquest advertisement, the reporter is shown, but has brown hair instead of black.
  • In the LEGO Club Magazine, she has written "newspaper articles". One chronicled her experience with the Alien Mothership, and the other featured her interviewing the Alien Commander. Both articles were written by a reporter named Lotta Brix, confirming that the News Reporter has a name.
  • The name "Lotta Brix" is a pun on "a lot of bricks".
  • In "Alien Mothership", she is controlled by an Alien Clinger.
  • Executive Ellen reuses her face, but without the mole.
  • She uses the same hair piece like Agent Swift, Claw-Dette and Dyna-Mite from Agents


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