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Nexus Force Astronaut is a Promotional LEGO Universe minifigure introduced in 2010. The minifigure comes with the LEGO Universe game when pre-ordered. He has a bright orange coloured helmet, a transparent black coloured visor, a face with brown eyebrows and shiny pupils, bright orange coloured arms, bright orange coloured hands, a new bright orange coloured torso with a new Nexus Force logo decoration, bright orange coloured hips, and bright orange coloured legs.


The Nexus Astronaut worked aboard the Venture Explorer alongside Bob and Sky Lane and later on Jett Moonshot. When the Venture Explorer was attacked by the Maelstrom with the help of his comrades, allowed the Nexus Force recruits to escape to safety in Avant Gardens. Once everyone was off the ship, he then rushed to several boxes and tried to make a rocket but realised he could not complete it on his own. Desperate for help he sent out a distress signal, which Max, the LEGO Club host, answered. They built a rocket but there was only one seat, so Max built a jetpack and they flew of into space.

He was never seen again and didn't have a LEGO Universe NPC. But it is assumed he survived as Max is seen at Club Station Alpha in LEGO Universe. He could have ended up elsewhere but his outfit is an In-Game item. He and Bob are the only official LEGO Universe minifigures.

Nexus Astronaut and Max

Nexus Astronaut and Max

Nexus Astronaut

Nexus Astronaut in game


  • He does not actually have an official name, but the packaging he comes in calls him the "Exclusive Astronaut".
  • He is also seen in the LEGO Club Magazine preceding the release of LEGO Universe.
  • Alex Case calls him "Astro".
  • He is made from the same type of plastic as the minifigures from the Minifigures theme.


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