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Night of the Nindroids is the eighth Ninjago graphic novel, proceeded by Destiny of Doom and followed by The Phantom Ninja.


As the Ninja continue their battles with the Nindroids under the Overlord, Zane continues to feel distance from his teammates; he is then approached by the Overlord with the offer of being made human if he will help the Overlord destroy his fellow ninja. After some consideration, Zane agrees, and seemingly sends Nya away to safety before beginning his campaign. One by one he helps the other Nindroids capture his teammates, having resolved that he will have his mind transferred to Kai's body. However, the Nindroids suffer setbacks as a mysterious helmeted female warrior takes down their forces.

Having been captured, the Ninja accost Zane for his apparent treachery as the Overlord prepares to eliminate them. However, Zane then pulls a doublecross with the aid of the masked warrior, who is revealed to be none other than Nya. With the other Ninja freed and the Nindroids defeated for the present, Zane explains that his intention all along was to trick their enemies into believing he had turned against the others.

In a bonus story, Lloyd attempts to enjoy a father-son outing with Sensei Garmadon, but the "normal" father-son activities are disrupted by their skills and by the tension of their previous antagonism. However, the pair eventually realize that their bond is what is most important, and decide to focus on that.

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